why my cis dont get updated (5.0.162636.1135)

i have 5.0.162636.1135 wicht is the official release of v5
but i know there is a newer version (1142 or like that) but when i check for updates it says its updated

i wan to know why CIS dont auto/manual update to 5.0.32580.1142
is only my cis who don cath the update?
its not a critical update right? whats changed?

i will not download\uninstall\install again only for a minor update

Because there is nothing to update.

Details in this post.
Comodo Internet Security 5.0.163652.1142?

i think it at least need to update that number version to prevent this confucion

but anyway with the infamous DACS coming i think it will be the next update
thx bye