Why keep asking

Why does Comodo 3 ask for permission for something when it has already been given and it was told to remember the answer? is there a problem with the learning mode. I have the latest version on vista home premiu,


Can you please give detailed scenario how do you get this issue (the more details the better :))? So someone can reproduce and test it.


mpsigstub is trying to connect to internet. Remote -TCP. Port http 80. It says it could not be recognised but I have given this permissoon before several times. That is only one of several repeats for programs already given permission?

PS Why do I get warning on this site that some items are insecure and do I want to display them. Shouild I display them?

This is because your browser is configured to warn you when a site has both HTTP and HTTPS content. The Comodo “seal” in the bottom right hand corner is serveed from a secure server,whereas you have logged into the site by entering HTTP://FORUMS.COMODO.COM (note that your forum connection was established by a HTTP command, not a HTTPS one).

There are two ways around this.

Modify your browser config to accept mixed items (not highly recommended)


log into the forums with a secure connection by typing

https://forums.comodo.com (highly recommended)

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

As to the firewall, what setting do you have the slider on? I believe you can have it prompt for every different port, IP, or protocol an app uses. What may be happening is that you’ve approved say, for that program, and now when it wants to talk to, Comodo prompts you again.

I suggest just checking the slider and the explanatory text, and maybe moving it down a little.

OK moving down the slider only affects alerts not security?

Well - alerts is security to some extent. If you change the firewall from alerting on different IPs for instance, you now have no control over whether the allowed application can connect to different IPs.

So, if, for example, you only use IE for Windows Update. With checking per IP, you could via the prompts Allow connections to microsoft.com, but not to yahoo.com or anything else. If you disable checking per IP, the prompts will only give you one check for network access, and if you say yes, anything goes (this is simplified, but basically true). Now, you can still build complex rules for specific apps via the firewall rules interface, but you won’t be proactively notified that the app is trying to do something “new”.

The slider controls what Comodo defines to be “new”. That is, some treat a different IP or different port as “new”, while you may only treat different applications as “new”. So read the prompt info from the slider, and set it appropriately.

I think I see what you mean. Would it be much less secure to have as setting to as you wrote
"If you disable checking per IP, the prompts will only give you one check for network access, and if you say yes, anything goes " If it is a big threat why is this option to allow network acces with one check available? I am thinking of ZA I don’t think that is so strict but in the years I had it I never had any problem. Comodo is quite good though. Thank you for your advice

It’s not a big threat exactly. It really is about raising the bar. That is, how fine grained do you want your security rules? Do you trust any app with network access to talk to anything on the network? For Firefox, that may be true, maybe not for IE or mIRC. Maybe you only want your browsers doing HTTP and HTTPS, so they can only use port 80 and 443, but FTP you want the browser blocked. You hand that off to filezilla which can access the FTP ports, but not the HTTP ports…

That is greater security, but it has an exponentially increasing cost in configuration.