Why JAVA is running at Full Speed on it's Own?

Hi Folks,

I am wondering why my Java “Java.exe*32” is causing my CPU run at 50% constantly when I have NO APPLICATIONS running, just surfing the net!?!?

FYI, my laptop has Vista Prem., SP1, 64-Bit and I am running IE7.

I have not installed any new software either … the only thing I have done I upgraded from Comodo Firewall 3.9.95478.509 to 3.10.102363.531. Now I was having problems with 3.10 before … slowing my internet and lots of pop-ups … that is why I reverted back to 3.9 about several weeks ago. But I am back on 3.10 since I keep getting the Notice to update!

Anyway, I end up killing the process via Task Manager each time. This has been happening in the last 3-4 days! :confused:

BTW, I have already ran MBAM, SAS, AVIRA at Full Scan and NO VIRUS!

I have also ran GMER and no sign of Anti-Rootkit.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled latest JAVA JRE.

Q1: Is this a sign of Spyware or a Trojan, which my AntiVirus is not catching!?!?

Q2: Any Suggestions!?!?

This is driving me nuts!


G :frowning:

Do you go to sites that use Java? Can you click right on the process in Task Manager and jump to the location it is in? Is it a legit Java file?

Can you post a Hijack This log here?

Hi EricJH,

THANKS for responding to my post … I will work on your Questions … but I have to Re-install JAVA JRE again … since I have uninstalled the darn thing. And go thru my Motions … but it might not be realted to JAVA … since from time to time my Internet Explorer just goes haywire and locks up in 50% + CPU usage … especially when I have Multiple Occassions of just EXPLORER opened up …

BTW, is there a way … maybe under My Control Panel or somewhere I can FIX the following problem #1

Forum Issue #1: When I am trying to respond to a Thread … like this one … I Sign In to post a comment … after Signing In instead of popping back to the Same Thread I get Forwarded to the MAIN Forum Page … what is the deal??? Very Annoying! ???

Also …

Forum Issue #2: Why is this Forum signing in people for an Hour or Forever … why not just have Normal Sign-in … You sign-in … you are LOGGED … you Exit and Viola you are UNLOGGED! ???

THANKS again!

G! :slight_smile: