Why it takes ages to scan .nfo and .sfv files!?!?!?!?

These files are just plain text but CIS 3.9 scans them for like minute each. Wtf!? Makes no sense.

It uses pooload of CPU and takes ages to scan a 4KB file that most of others check in a micro second!?!?
Mass failure.

Exclusion system is also a failure. Why scan the file and waste time and resources if the files are EXCLUDED!?!?
Melih (or someone from Comodo) said it scans them anyway, it just won’t report it as infected. I found that the most stupid thing ever. I still have to wait ages for nfo and sfv files even though i’ve excluded them. 88)

Agreed… :-TU

I’ve been complaining about this since I started using CIS. I just can’t comprehend that excluded files are still scanned. I’ve decided that there is a language barrier and the folks at Comodo just don’t understand the meaning of the word exclude! I’ve posted the dictionaries definition more than once, but that did nothing. 88)

In any other AV solution that I’ve tried with an exclusion feature, excluding a file actually excludes that file from being scanned…

Until it gets fixed use “add to my own safe files”. I do it the same way.

And add every file manually? Thats just not practical at all.

Also i don’t get it how can a 4KB file present such a struggle for a CIS scanner? I’d understand a heavily crypted and protected file thats dropped into emulator, but simple plain text file that has no cryptographic or compression obsticles is just ridiculous.

Erm, anyone?

I have no trouble scanning that kind of files. Done in a fraction of a second

Well, it doesn’t scan them fast. When i scanned my entire system, it stopped on every NFO and sfv file for ages.

Hi RejZoR,

It is most likely very long shot:

  • Both file types (.SFV & .NFO) are usually (stressing) contained within a compressed archives
  • .SFV is for verifying the integrity of the archive
  • well .NFO is just ASCII and not as “important”… but still…
    since they are expected being within compressed files - probably, based on that assumption they are really going through some kinda “un-archiving/decryption” ??? 88)

Pure speculation, but…

Unfortunately I cannot test this behaviour.

I hope developers will answer that


Both are simple plaintext files. If CIS scanners assumes they are packed and falls in its own loop, that only mans the scan engine is seriously flawed.

Is an example of one of these files available so that someone else can see if they see the same behavior on their system that you are experiencing on your system? Perhaps you can attach one of the files to a post in this thread.

Duration: 00:00:00 on all sfv and nfo’s here, must be your PC or bad configured.

rejzor in my nfo and .sfv files it’s all ok duing a scan.

Probably because they were already checked and stateful scanning just skips them. In my case it sits on NFO or SFV files for a veeeery long time. And these SVF’s are nothing special. The usual stuff that comes with torrents. All i need is someone from Comodo staff to look into it. Here on forums with regular users, we won’t come to any solid conclusion.

Sorry my bad here it took allot of time to scan SFV and NFO.

Why was this moved here instead into BUGS section!?

Can you post a bunch of those files in a zip or so archive for us to test?