why ist this site such a mess?


i use Comodo products for a few years now, they´re very good. But this website is a total chaos. For example, i read something about “time machine” or “disk shield”, but there´s just no way to FIND anything here. Why can´t you have a clear & simple download section, with full releases plus betas, instead of having your stuff literally hidden somewhere?

I´d like to check out that software, but can´t find it! Thanks for your help!

We’re working on it…

Wanna help? :slight_smile:

No offense, guys! I found the beta now, it was linked somewhere. I would suggest following structure:

Downloads: all downloadable stuff you offer, release versions plus an extra location for experimental stuff. The top category here could be “current versions”, if someone doesn´t use automatic update for some reason.
Help/Forum: things can be discussed here, with all subforums for various Comodo software
Off Topic: the name says all.

So you would have three clear areas, so if someone would like to check newest versions, or completely new Comodo software, it would be all there. Thank you very much!