Why isn't C.A.V. tested in Virus Bullettin?

Or any Comodo product on CNET?

I’m sending email asking how they choose their reviews… but I think all you habe to do is send them a CD… (at lesat at VB, from which I got an answer…).

CAVS is currently a beta, even the main 1.1 version offered on the site. Some testing sites may have a policy not to test betas so as to be fair and not give clearly marked unfinished products a bad name.

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t read it all the way through. If by CNET, you mean Download.com, the only place a Comodo product would really be, all Comodo products are on Download.com. If you mean something else, would you care to explain?


Thanks for the info on the betas.

About the other products, I googled Comodo and review, and didn’t get any results from the sites I usually trust. Namely Cnet has all Comodo’s products in Download, but there is no editors review (on www.cnet.com). The reviews on Download.com are “only” from users.

I just checked and Tucows doesn’t have Comodo’s software either (except for Comodo AntiSpam v1.01).

What I really mean is: should I be e-mailing them to get and review Comodo Firewall and Backup (the ones I tried and can speak for), or should I e-mail Comodo?

Well, if you want, you could try and get a CNET Editor to review Comodo.

Good luck trying to find an email though, I just wasted the last half hour of my life trying to find even a feedback email, let alone suggestion email. The only one I could find was for Tips & Tricks, not Reviews.

ye, lets do together they will review comodo
im sure comodo firewall will get gud review but not sure abt da rest, esp Comodo antivirus, it needs a lot more improvement

recently, u should view www.av-comparatives.org
check out da report (pdf file) where it test antivirus products that dun hit the bar (detection rate < 85%, comodo score veri bad, rank last in race :cry:

actually on www.pcmag.com/ last year (i tink?), rank the best 5 firewalls and comodo rank 5th n ZA rank 1st. Its not bad but i dun think so (sometimes i dun agree wit pcmag review :(, pcmag as well as download.com r rated 3 stars in trustworthy by another trusted site, i forgot)