why is wordpress.com blocked?

Hello folks!

I’ve just recently started to use Comodo Drangon with the secure DNS feature, and I’m new to this forum.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on why the popular blog site Wordpress.com is being blocked because of “phishing” ?

According to the browser, is Wordpress.com equipped with third-party software that may send private or personal information stored on my computer on to “malicious persons.”

I know that I can disable this security layer for this particular site, but I really would like to know why Wordpress was blocked in the first place?

My own research indicates that this is related to the security breach that was discovered earlier this year - described as as “root infection.” (In practice it was discovered that the information about the users was re-routed to “God-knows-where” before it reached the WP servers.).

But I thought that hole was plugged…

Perhaps it is not? If so, I need to know about it.

(I have asked the Wordpress-people for an explanation - their only replie is: “Use another browser”)

Best Regards

Hello econoTwist;

The New SecureDNS is rather in beta testing so things like this will happen, but are being fixed in the background.

If you wish to disable SecureDNS: Switch to SecureDNS but at Step 7 Select “Obtain DNS Address Automaticallu”

Hope this helps