Why is Update taking so long ?

I was pleased to find that your product contained not only a Firewall but AV too and for this reason chose it for my computer running XP Home Edition [re-install].
I really do appreciate that it is free but am having problems with the time it takes to download updates, up to the 60% mark it is fine but after that really drags, it recently took nearly an hour to complete 2 days of updates, is there anything I can do to speed things up please ?
It’s current status is :
Virus defense - Stateful
Network defense - Safe Mode
Defense + - Clean

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section but I find this forums layout very confusing.
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All you could do is get a faster internet connection, You shouldn’t have to do this though.

It’s something comodo needs to fix… the initial updates are quite large. The following are fairly okay though…

When on older hardware you can drop the system load by putting the pagefile to the AV exclusions. The file can be typically found under c:\pagefile.sys .