Why is "training mode" higher in the list than "disabled"?

I wonder why “training mode” is not below “disabled” in the firewall/D+ list in the popup and in the app itself. As far as I understood CIS is creating Allow-rules in training mode which seems to me more dangerous in case the PC is infected than disable D+. Am I wrong assuming this?
I can imagine many people setting it to “training mode” when they want less interference/disturbance than “safe mode” but more protection than “disabled”. Wouldn’t that be the worst thing to do?
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I can see where your coming from,my only thoughts on this are that if you do the initial download then run the scan and know(you can never be 100%) that your pc is clean you can set D+ to Training mode,run all your applications once to allow D+ to learn there actions then switch back to Clean/Safe/Paranoid.
I think it was designed more for gaming etc,

Tip: This mode can be used as the “Gaming Mode”. It is handy to use this setting temporarily when you are running an (unknown but trusted) application or Games for the first time. This will suppress all Defense+ alerts while the firewall learns the components of the application that need to run on your machine and automatically create ‘Allow’ rules for them. Afterwards, you can switch back to ‘Train with Safe Mode’ mode).