Why is this not yet invented or is it too hard to do so?

Yeah i was walking back home from school and an idea popped up in my head. The next generation of antivirus programs. What would they offer to us, ad how efefctive would they be. The enxt idea was this: What if an antivirus programme could destroy an virus/other malware before they have completely installed themselves (the viruses that is) on victims computer. This would be somesort of an prevention system, since if the virus/malware is deleted before it even installs itself on computer, the computer would never get infected. This would only work on the already found malware of course. So my question is this, is this idea possible or is it way out of our reach at the present time. Availeble in the far future or not? Will our computers be more safer or even more vulnerable in the future, if this kind of an program would be created?

The current problem would be any false positives. How would you feel if you tried to get a program installed that you knew was safe (from a safe site or an install CD), but the AV deleted it because it thought it was viral in nature?

for AV’s to see the malware, the malware must be in the same system. So if an AV is running in your PC then AV’s visibility is only within that PC. Existence of malware can only exist in a storage device, thats either HD or RAM. So unless malware is in your ram or hd (storage devices) then AV can’t see them cos then they have no existence.

But its not important for malware to exist! Its important for malware not to execute and cause damage. That’s where you can prevent ANY known or uknown malware from causing damage!


Thank you, Melih. I sometimes forget some people are not familiar with the general concept of how Comodo protects systems.

:slight_smile: np

As you stated:


You can have hundreds of malware in your storage devices, but it’s fine as long as it doesn’t get any CPU cycles. :slight_smile:

The nearest I’ve seen to this is Avast. I was trying to d/l some test files to try a firewall and Avast saw some of them as malware and stopped the d/l. Quite impressive, even if a semi-FP - they weren’t malware but could perform the same function.

Interesting. Hmm. Thank you for your comments on this thing. Lightened up my scrambled mind once again. :slight_smile: