Why is the complete antivirus database downloaded?

The complete database is downloaded when a system hasn’t been updated in weeks.

Would someone please explain why?

Yes, I too dont like this.
It seems if databases are not updated for certain period then CIS downloads & updates the full databases again.

This is a prob especially for people on limited & slow internet.

And this is not good…CIS should download incremental updates & not full updates.

Plzz Devs…look into this & correct the prob.


I don’t really see it as problem (I also have a slow and traffic limited connection) because it doesn’t matter if you download 150MB of incremental updates or if you download 150MB of main database. It stays the same.
It is even better to download the main database for one simple reason, 150mb (just a number, it depends on how long you didn’t update the database) of incremental updates would take some time to install and would consume the CPU a lot. It is easier this way.
BTW, you should always keep your AV database UpToDate, even on slow lines…



I think your right if the missed incremental updates were to equal half the database. It might be best to download the complete database. But a couple of weeks or so can’t be that much.

CIS has greatly improved the update process, so the amount of missed incremental updates should be increased before downloading the full database.

Some people don’t use their computers more than once or twice a month and to download a 276Mb file every time is a bit much for many reasons.


15 Aug 18 there was a prollem updating the A/V defs for CIS v5…12…2599 So I downloaded the complete bases.cav available on that date, i.e., v22924. I installed it and successfully updated.

Today - 15 Aug 27 - I desire to update the currently initialized A/V defs v23034 and it fails. I download the complete A/V defs and its STILL v22924. :-TD

So I install that and CIS initializes to CIS A/V defs v22924. :-X

When informed that A/V defs are out-of-date, I proceed to update. It proceeds to download the entire v22924 bases.cav :o :o :o and all incremental updates subsequent to that. The net result: FAIL!


So I restore v23034, delete Quarantine folder and bases.$$$ in /scanners and try to update A/V defs again - after initilizes to A/V defs v22034 - and it downloads incremental updates only and FAILS update at 90%.

:-TD :-TD :-TD

This is getting extremely old, tiresome and VERY annoying.

Hi WxMan1,
See if the advice kindly posted by Dennis in the quote below helps.

Kind regards.