why is that annoying installation mode back?

i see the annoying installation mode thing is back! also the pop ups are getting out of hand. WHAT HAPPENED? ITS LIKE V2 again

Would you care to elaborate?

the installation mode! when you have to keep clicking yes or no to turn it on or off. sometimes a half hour later. IT’S BAAACK!!

You mean after telling it yes to switch back to the previous mode, it will ask again in a half an hour?

didnt anyone use the pre 3.9 versions? every time you install something, you get 20 pop ups, but 1st, you have to click yes, then half hr later you have to click again to turn it off. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. it went away after 3.9. now its back…sucks. i may go with no f/w or wait for online armor to go 64bit, which will be soon

I started using CIS with version 3.5. I’ve seen no difference in how the installation mode functions.

No difference for me either in 3.8-3.10

V941726, What? pre 3.9 where are you in the forums? do you read anything before posting, duh. Ask and please don’t blast without asking pertinent questions

All you have to do is put CIS in training mode when you install something and you will get zero popups. Alternatively you can also choose to treat the app as an installer or updater and tell CIS not to enter installation mode. With the second option, popups will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, and you won’t have to worry about returning to your regular settings.

i guess 100 or 200 pop ups a day dont bother you then

duh! i have been one of the biggest outspoken critics of this issue for a year now. you do your homework!

doesnt work. and your not supposed to have to touch anything anymore.

Sorry but training mode absolutely DOES work, and entering installation mode totally suppresses popups during installation of anything. I also have not seen it anywhere that you do not ever have to touch anything.

Not supposed to touch anything anymore? Since when? ???

Maybe you could tell us what you are installing that gives you 100-200 popups after entering installation mode?

your all missing the point. its supposed to be so user friendly my grandmother could use it. it was now its reverted back. guess you guys are new

Seriously… What are you talking about? What has reverted back? I see nothing different operationally.

There is no change in how installation mode works from how it did when I first started using Comodo in V3.8. Not that I can see anyway. Comodo is not and never has been “Granny friendly” in my opinion. It has a way to go still to achieve that. Norton is granny friendly, CIS is not.

it was a few months ago. there was an ongoing thread on it. melih was giving input often. that was one of the goals of 3.9x

Yes it is a goal and there was a poll after 3.9 came out that asked if it was suitable for novices. A lot of people, including me, said no. I don’t think it has been achieved as yet even with 3.10. From the features I see being added to v4, I don’t think it will be granny friendly either. I’m coming to the conclusion that it never will be because too many people don’t want it to be. Those people would probably like a “Granny mode” to be optional in the installer. 88)

Im sorry guys, but I have to go with v941726 on this one, and I think I know where he is coming from and what he is trying to achieve on these forums.

With Comodo v3.9 and v3.10 when installing programs or services, even despite putting Comodo into Installation Mode, there are still many, many popups that occur. For instance, the other day I installed a virtual machine program on my PC and I put Comodo into Installation Mode, and even though I did that, I had popup after popup of “services.exe” wanting permission to access various parts of my computer, and there was no way I could select it as a trusted application or system application. I sat there for 3 minutes tapping the mouse button, letting every instance of “services.exe” through, which was really annoying. Before v3.9 this never happened. The idea behind Installation Mode is that we should be able to install programs without the need for Comodo popping up every second to allow something through.

Also the other thing I am concerned about with Comodo is the unpredictable effects it has on my system with each new release. Instead of being confident about the fact that each new release will be an improvement over the last, I am instead wary about the unpredictable and undesirable impact on my system each new release will have. For instance I wrote a post in this section about what the latest Comdodo has done to my MSN, to which I have yet to receive a reply.

Now while most people on this forum are very experienced computer users and are quite technically proficient in using software and solving PC and Windows related problems, most people in our society are not, and we ALL need to try to understand this. We find Comodo easy to use because we are experienced computer users, but pretty much ALL people that I have spoken to, that are only casual computer users, find Comodo truly intimidating. I most certainly do not believe that the developers of this software are thinking from the point of view of these type of computer users when developing this program, DESPITE their best intentions, and I dont doubt that they have the best of intentions at heart, so dont get me wrong.

If Comodo is truly going to be the leading Internet Security product (which i hope it becomes) then it has to be far far far more user friendly than it is currently. I look at this Security Suite and I dont see something that a casual user would feel comfortable in using. I think the point that v941726 is trying to make is that there will be those who will come onto this forum with no technical experience whatsoever and will have difficulty properly explaining the technical issues they may be facing with Comodo. This board and its community need to cater more and more for these types of people, rather than catering for the technically proficient.