Why is svchost using IANA IPs from my PC to connect to Google?

I haven’t been reading the CIS/Firewall board in a long while and am still using CIS 5.12 on Windows 7 home 64bit. (I have been testing CIS 7 out on a netbook running win xp SP3 but so far I find it tedious to use with listings taking up more space but with smaller windows- but that’s another topic.) I haven’t been able to find the answer to this specific question although I have read many find svchost perplexing.

You have set your connection to use googles public DNS servers and you are behind a router that uses the private RFC 1918 addresses. svchost host the DNS/RPC Client service to perform DNS lookups.

OK Thanks! Should I use Comodo’s DNS servers? What are the most private/secure ones? Not sure I trust google.
Also, why does Svchost commonly use ips like to connect to on port 67 to port 68? and is it ok to block them and not lose connectivity?

You can use Comodo DNS or OpenDNS both are good. That svchost traffic you are seeing is related to DHCP and thus you should not block it as it is normal behavior.