Why is software contacting an IP address?

Hi All,

Using v5, latest update and I ran some of my own software and Comodo pops up with “software.exe wants to contact the Internet at”

I wrote the software myself, so it should not, and need not be contacting anything as it is a backup program.

OK, so it is search guide, but why is it looking from my software?

Is this something within Comodo to pay for the free version?


Is the traffic outgoing or incoming?

My Delphi Apps (only when is written with XE) also do this intermittently.
The IP Addresses are
These both seem to be related to multicast.
I have still not found anything specific but components can be written that simulate multicast behavior.
I suspect that it is a component that is doing this. The latest prog to do this has only standard components except for heavy use of the TSpinEdit Component, which is a ‘free sample’ and not an embaraco component.
I am also not sure if this happen when running inside the environment only.

There are a couple of default windows services that use these addresses:

Is used by SSDP/UPnP and also some aspects of Windows network discovery is Link-local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR)

SSDP/UPnP are primarily the province of svchost, although other applications can and do use this address for the same purpose. LLMNR is also a svchost process, however, there’s a bug in CIS that causes other applications to make make use of LLMNR.

So it may be CIS itself that is causing this behavior!!

Possibly, however, you’d need to confirm the services involved to make sure.