why is so much nagging in installation mode?


it´s generally a good idea, that installation mode, but why has it to ask every minute, if you want to leave that mode? Can´t it wait much longer, say 10 minutes between asking? Also, there are still to many checks during that mode. Isn´t it supposed to be completely quiet until all installations are done?

It´s only a suggestion.

When using install mode this is what I do. Open up Comodo. Click on 'switch to install mode" and also put D+ in training mode. No pop ups. The alert about switching back is there for a reason cause being in install mode is a security risk. It is only a temporary mode. Most software installs in minutes. What are you trying to install that takes over 10 minutes?

When it says “quiet” it means that you will not receive any firewall or Defense+ alerts during the period that Installation Mode is active. You will, however, recieve reminders that you are in Installation Mode, as this mode has reduced security. I don’t think the remider appears EVERY minute. I’m pretty sure it’s on a five minute timer.

Ewen :slight_smile: