Why is my Inbox and Filing Cabinet set to expire so soon?

I just upgraded my account to Prestige yearly plan. I notice under Account Info → Billing it says my Inbox is set to expire in a month. I know I get 30MB storage included, but will this somehow expire in a month?

I searched the site and could not find more info. Could you explain the expiring Inbox mystery to me, and what I would lose if I chose not to pay an extra monthly charge?

added: I just noticed the Filing cabinet is also set to expire in a month. Perhaps both expiration dates automatically update to add another month each month? I would understand this method for the monthly billing plan, but I signed up for the yearly plan.

Anyway, thanks for helping clear this all up for me. :SMLR

The account inbox is an additional feature that allows you to store incoming faxes online as a backup to the faxes delivered to you by email. The inbox is setup on a monthly basis and renews every month. The inbox is free and there is no extra charge to store your faxes online in the inbox.
The filing cabinet is also an additional feature that allows you to store and organize any type of file online in your account. You can create folders and copy file to and from the filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is setup on a monthly basis and renews every month. You account includes a free amount of storage or to can elect to add additional storage to your account.
Both the inbox and filing cabinet can be removed from your account if you wish not to have these free features.

OK I understand. I get to keep the 30MB free for no additional charge, and the Filing Cabinet and Inbox expiration dates will renew each month. Sounds good to me!

One more question: why would someone choose to have their inbox and filing cabinet removed? Just so that none of their documents are stored online? (maybe for privacy reasons?) Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You are correct that some users don’t want to have a filing cabinet or inbox. The reasons vary but since both features are free you might as well take advantage of them.
By the ways, if you remove the inbox and later decide to add it to your account the old faxes will still be displayed. Of course that is if you haven’t deleted the fax from the inbox.
If you plan on sending documents using the trustfax email you will need to have the filing cabinet turned on. Trustfax email allows you to securely send a document in an email that contains a link to the stored document in your trustfax filing cabinet. You also receive a return receipt when the email link is opened by the receiptient. Trustfax email does not use fax pages to deliver the document.

Cool, thanks for clearing all this up for me. Sounds like a nice part of the service to have online storage space and be able to email large files.

I really like your service. If you could just improve the auto-generated cover sheet function, it’d be perfect. Thanks again.

The trustfax generated fax cover is static at this time. There are development plans to expand the coversheet in future release.
Thanks for your comments on the service.