Why is it so difficult for you to create a current changelog for updates?

Everytime there is an update available, I click on update details, and it takes me to the changelog for the previous version, not the version that is currently being updated. Today there is an update available and it takes me to the changelog for the release from the 4th of July. 88) >:(

then I have to visit the forums and dig through a post with 200 replies to find the change log to the the update that was just released. Why can’t the moderators create a a NEW post for every update???

Egemen creates a new post for every program update. If he doesn’t post a changelog, us moderators aren’t going to make something up…

The program updater looks for two things. Updates for the program and for the Trusted Software Vendor list. The updates for the TSV list are just an update of the list without release notes. You witnessed the TSV list update.

When it comes to the Release Notes for the program.They are traditionally behind.

Yeah, agree. I mean posting release notes that match the current version is so obvious, I wonder why they never seem to be able to get this coordinated.

Furthermore, if you go to the usual Comodo download site ( Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows ), they DON’T even list the version you are downloading! Which makes the release notes (if you can find them), even more more important.

I think they also should put the version number in the file name. There is nothing that pisses me off more than downloading a newer version of a file having to add version number myself.

Also they should default to giving the single installer instead of the combined installer.