Why is it? (hardening firewall rules)

Why is it that the general advice is to go with the default firewall rules and there no alternatives provided for ‘hardening’ firewall rules?

When I used Outpost (before it became another bloated suite, oops CIS is doing that too!) there were loads of good rules for processes and various applications posted, so people could secure their environment.

There are loads of posts from people looking for ways to do things for services and applications and all I see is stupid answers, such as make it trusted or allow all out!

Seriously, it seems to me that all comodo wants to achieve is making a humongous suite that will do everything, including making the tea, without so much as a request, just to cater for the namby pamby’s who can’t do be bothered to answer a few popups.

The thing is, it will be these self same people that will be wailing when their system is compromised.

May I suggest that some one, with some knowledge, starts a thread, so that people that take their security seriously can participate in generating secure rule sets.