Why is IPv6 filtering still disabled with 5.4?

Detractors could say that Comodo doesn’t trust in their own IPv6 filtering, so they rather keep it disabled.
Or is there a good reason? Any drawbacks? Is the feature not complete?

As far as I can tell there have been no changes to the support for ipv6 in this release, which is disappointing. Basically, it’s still an incomplete implementation, icmpv6 filtering control is still all or nothing, which is all but useless.

Could a mod please ask egemen when full IPv6 support will be available?

I have absolutely nothing to do with the team of ComODO. But, if I may post my opinion towards this issue, I believe that it is because there is not such a high priority use of IPv6 because from what my ISP technicians had indicated to me that it is not much use of it at this time for everyone to even worry about it. or something like that. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that’s a typical attitude of lazy ISPs with a vested interested in legacy technology.