Why is dropbox.exe constantly being classed as a unknown file?

Because every time I tell defence+ to stop putting it into the sandbox (which is really getting on my nerves since it bogs down the startup process), I get the same notification a few days or weeks later (in the past 30 or so days, dropbox.exe has been classed as an unknown file 6 times).

This isn’t the only one that has done this as CCC.exe and MOM.exe have gone through the same routine, and to be blunt I’m starting to loose my patience with this which is making me think about changing to another product which doesn’t drive me crazy every few days.

has dropbox been updating? do you see the main exe in the trusted files list under defense +? if not trying adding it.

I have to manually update the program as it has never run an automatic update, and it’s been on the same version (1.4.12) for about the past 6 times it was classed as an unknown file which includes one that happened today.

The dropbox.exe file is in the trusted list, but that might not help considering other processes that have been classed as unknown are also in the trusted list now and when it happened before (those would be the CCC.exe and MOM.exe processes and neither of them have been updated in the two years since I got this laptop).

have you removed any entries from the TVL? what are your settings for cis

I had the same problem, CIS sandboxing Dropbox.exe on every startup, even when telling it (in the popup) not to do this the next time.

This solved the issue for me (I use Dutch version, so I don’t know the exact english terms, but should be roughly like this):

  • open CIS advanced menu
  • click Auto Sandbox
  • select Exceptions for behaviour … this will open Advanced settings
  • add exception by mouse rightclick, select add running processes, select Dropbox.exe from the list

hope this helps