Why is data base increasing and not decreasing.

Hello all. I am wondering why the data base is increasing by thousands of new sigs each day.I say this because i understood that the new family signatures would reduce the overall size of the data base.

I see no decrease in size and wonder what timescale Comodo are looking at to do this as i am looking forward to a reduction in fps and increase in detection which i understand will be a result of the introduction of family sigs.

I would be greatful if any forum member could clarify the situation please.


Please read here and here

Thanks Dennis2.


Lol, funny. First you were all braging about signature count and now you want the opposite lol

The db size did go down for a brief time but now it is bigger than it ever was so I’m waiting and wondering myself.

There are two processes at hand.

First of all malware gets added on a daily basis that may not fit any family signature yet. This will make the count go up rather quick I would say. Second the process of making family signatures is fairly young and has a lot of catching up to do so it may not always go as quick as we want.

I guess we will see fluctuations in the db size when looking at a daily basis. But when looking at a larger time scale I guess we should start seeing a trend to lesser signatures. Give it a couple of months for now and see how things go.