Why is CPF Free? Will it always be Free?

Hi All

First of all, please allow me to thank you each and every one you for taking the time to try our Comodo Personal Firewall and other Comodo Desktop Security products . We have spent much time and money building these products and I sincerely hope you like and enjoy these products and have a safer PC and Internet experience. I just want to clarify one or two questions about our strategy for our Desktop Security Products (which includes CPF).

here are the 2 questions I would like to clarify for the forum:

Why is CPF Free?

Comodo has a sizeable R&D labs and continously creating new and innovative products in the Security field. We need a way of distributing these new innovative tools. So here is what we decided. We thought, if we can build really high quality Personal Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Anti Spam and make it available at no cost to everyone and if we make sure that these are really good products we will gain our user’s trust and they will be more open to try and adopt other security products we present to them. We make money by providing services to businesses. So having our products used by end users will increase our revenue with enterprises (bit like Adobe).

Will it always be Free?

Our business model is such that Desktop Security Products will always be free! We simply have no plans to charge for Desktop Security Products (which includes, Comodo Personal Firewall, Comodo Backup, Comodo iVault, Comodo Verification Engine, Comodo Anti Virus (yet to be launched), Comodo Anti spyware (yet to be launched) and so on.

So, please do spread the word and let everyone enjoy what Comodo has to offer!


Melih Abdulhayoglu

Thanks Melih, for that info.I for one look forward to more FREE products,especially the antivirus.
Thanks for what you’re doing! 8) tim

Thanks Melih,

I found that really useful to know. I can’t wait to see what the antivirus and antispyware is like, but, if its as good as the Comodo products I already have - I’m sure they will be top notch also. :slight_smile:

Just two questions 1. Will this be a completeley different antivirus to your Trustix antivirus or will it be based on this? 2. When about could we expect to see the release?

Thanks for everything you do Comodo,


Thanks for the information Melih. It does help to hear from someone in the know about such things. I look forward to seeing and using your new products when they are ready.

What will happen to Trustix antivirus will it be discontinued like Trustix Firewall or will it be sold to enterprises?

Discontinued. We will concentrate all our efforts and investment on CAV (Comodo Anti Virus).


So say I were to not know this and bought Trustix Antivirus right now. What would happen to my license when Comodo Antivirus comes out?

They are two different products. we will discontinue selling Trustix but continue to support it. Plus Comodo AV is launching in Beta and will take few months until RC etc.

Thanks for the reply Melih,

I look forward to the beta release.

Thank you for this very useful information Melih. You posted earlier that Comodo is giving out free desktop products so that users can learn to trust Comodo and enterprises will purchase Comodo products. What products would be available for Enterprises? Would there be an Enterprise Antivirus and Antispyware? Or would it just be the current products such as Trustfax, ComodoMeet, etc. etc.

We have Digital Certificate Solutions, some commodity Certificates like SSL as well as some of our own innovation like CVC (www.contentverification.com www.vengine.com). There are many “Trust Threats” that exist from inability to verify what you see to inability to trust an email. We as Comodo are going to address these issues for enterprises and make revenue. We already have started selling CVC to enterprises and we already have in excess of 150,000 customers worldwide using our SSL certificates. So desktop security is free, both for personal or business use :slight_smile:


That is excellent. Trustix Antivirus is based off of the Kespersky engine. Will Comodo Antivirus be just like this? Also is there a way basic home users can help support Comodo in these desktop products?

Well, with the investments we have made, I would like to think that Comodo AV Engine is a much superior engine (fingers crossed :slight_smile: ).

Of course, we need all the help we can get, we are going to secure every single desktop for free! The biggest problem today is:

  1. Average PC user does not know what security product to use
  2. Where to buy it from and how much to pay for it
  3. They don’t keep upto date with latest threats to protect themselves.

And we can’t blame them for this. They should not have to! However, the security market is very disjointed and Comodo will address this by making sure to address the above issues by offering

1)All the security products that a user needs
2)Comodo is the one stop shop and free
3)Comodo will do the work of making sure to bring the latest solutions to latest threats.

Everyone can help, by spreading the word as well contributing to our usability and feedback work and even helping identify, viruses, good exes, etc. There is a lot to be done and we will, as we roll out the next versions, ask for contributions from our users for helping identifying good files, viruses, spyware etc. Feedback from users is so very valuable and we want to make sure we get it. One’s feedback will be someone else’s saviour!


I am extremely glad to hear this from you melih. As I currently use avast! antivirus I may consider changing after Comodo becomes available for a while. I would also like to know if there will be a way to completely shut off real time protection this way for those who already have an antivirus they like can use Comodo Antivirus as a backup scanner for on demand scanning not realtime. COMODO is an excellent company and really seem to care about their users and give support to all not only the people who pay. I deeply respect that.


I for one will be more than happy to help and have already started spreading the word. I think it great what you do and you have my trust. I’ve used other companies products some good some bad, but, never seen a company respond so quickly to their users (one example is how quick Comodo firewall 2.0 was released after news version 1 did not pass all the leaktests). If you compare this to when I contacted Netveda considering I am yet to here a reply nearly one month on you see what I mean. You also keep us well informed here on the products of what’s happening when we have a problem or question.

I will be testing the beta and also like justin1278 would like to know if I can turn off real-time protection so I can use avast as resident while testing your antivirus.

So thank you,


Much appreciate the encouraging words Justin. Actually could I ask you to start a thread in the AV group titled: CAV Wish List and put all you want in there and lets get everyone else contributing to this to see if we can build a requirements list for what everyone wants to see in the CAV.


It really means a lot to me, personally, as well as to Comodo and everyone who works for Comodo all around the world to hear these positive and encouraging words from you guys. We really really (REALLY) appreciate it. We will do our upmost to be as responsive as possible, after all it is you who we are doing all this for :wink:

thanks a lot guys!


I have done as you asked Melih :wink:

Thanks Justin :slight_smile:

So as soon as CAV is launched I am sure we will have a lot of request flooding in :slight_smile: (which is great).