Why is comodo update going to 008i.com and no-dns-yet.ccanet.co.uk

I have run a virus check from multiple sources as well as comodo and find nothing of significance but when I try to update comodo I get a connection failed error every time. When I run killswitch and monitor cmdagent/cmdupd I notice (screen shot enclosed) it is going 008i.com as well as the no-dns-yet site. Spybot has added 008i to my hosts file with a loopback to so I know it is a malware site. If I run in safe mode with networking comodo update runs fine and I can see it going to cmc.comodo.com/download.comodo.com and Anyone have any experience with 008i.com or what malware/virus may be causing this. MBAM/Comodo/Spybot/Bitdefender all tested and nothing works. Other malware/antivirus apps launch and update fine but I prefer to use comodo.

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I took a quick look and found that the domain is now for sale. I have no further ideas at the moment.