Why is Comodo developing desktop utilities?

Few people asked me, why do that?
Why not simply stick to firewall?
Well the answer is simple. Because our users need it for the well being of their PCs.

A privacy cleaner that is built into our CWT will make sure to keep your data safe by cleaning it, Registry cleaner will make sure to remove any left overs from malware as well other entries that renders the PC inefficient and so on. We are approaching this from Security and Health point of view and we take it upon ourselves to make sure we can help you have a Malware free and efficient PC. Only then will you use your PC in a trusted Internet that we are creating!

Also, if we want to create Trust on the Internet we better offer security, cos without security its hard to establish trust. And security is not a one product solution. We have so many vulnerabilities that we have to make sure to offer a holistic solution and be a Security Infrastructure company rather than a small one trick pony company with a single product. That is the only way we can achieve our dream of the trusted and secure internet!

I hope this explains what we are trying to do.



not only is COMODO cranking out many products, but they’re high quality and FREE and never stop improving! (M)

Isn’t it also,

Putting Cure Into the equation?
We Have Prevention = Firewall w/ Defense+
We Have Detection = Antivirus
We Have Cure = CWT



Indeed CG… very good point!
We expect to see multiple different technologies/products offering each state. So there will be more cure, more prevention, detection etc…



But Melih… Isn’t there something missing?



What is CWT?


Dear all,

forget that last question…

Seen the Windows Tweaker Beta post and checking out now,


what is that? :slight_smile:


Disk defragmenter ?


:)… its cooking…


Wish I could head over to the kitchen and look at it. ;D

See this about defragging:

Try to make it better than Jk :D.

Prevention, Detection, Cure…

What about authentication = Identification?

Confidentiality = Integrity?

Training? (Training the user to be alerted or knowledgeable about his/her decisions)

Putting Documentation into security?

option to Define roles into security (Meaning putting responsibilities and lines of authority into advance users?

  1. Prevention
  2. Detection
  3. Response (Cure)
    Is perfect enough…

am i correct?


One is a Security model, and the other is a Trust Model. Prevention, Detection and Cure are security models and within which could employ Trust components (eg: i need to authenticate a file before allowing execution etc).


Aw, Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:


To beat JkDefrag won’t be easy. Will Comodo do intelligent reordering of files?

We are only interested in being no 1 in everything we do. (:KWL)



That’s quite a goal…isn’t it?

That’s going to be really really hard…

How about first… no 1 in security software? :wink:


Isn’t that an impossible mission? No one’s better than everyone else on every aspects, and this specific case, security and maintainence tools, wouldn’t you agree?

X is better at one thing
Y is better at another thing
Z is better at something else

X will not be better on all things. Same goes for Y and Z. And all other previous “letters”, as well.

Edit: Honestly, and this is just my humble opinion, Comodo should stick with the security tools and use all their human resources to improve them.