Why is commodo Internet security bloated. suspicious activities.

Hi friends,
have you noticed, Comodo is forcing on us the online installer. And when you check the size of download, it shows 133mb including that toolbar. Why has the size bloated so much suddenly? few months ago it was just around 45mb.
Did they add some spy agents sent by the US govt?
Making it better does not mean that the software should increase three times in size. please beware, there is something suspicious.

good wishes

If you select the AV part, it also downloads the AV database… thats why its grown.

It now includes the full Virus database about 90Mb.

The 45Mb download only included a base Virus database about 8Mb.


ohh is that so?
I installed the old version after canceling this new one.
ok thank you for telling.
I will do the new one again then
good wishes see you

there is still a problem
in thie latest comodo IS Why isnt it asking me to 'allow or block ’ the applications in my pc? I want decide by myself what to block and what not to block. How can I do it?

I have set the firewall to Custom policy mode, still it is allowing all the applications by itself.
please tell me how to set it to ask me ‘allow/block’ allert first.??

You need to choose Proactive Security configuration the default rules have change in CIS V4

In the Default rules Firewall there is a allow all out block in for Internet Security configuration.

ohh is that so? I installed the old version after canceling this new one. ok thank you for telling. I will do the new one again then good wishes see you

In that case, do this

  1. click “start”
  2. Then click on “Control Panal”
  3. Click on “Add and Remove programs”
  4. Look under “Comodo Internet Security” and see how many megabtyes there is?? That’s with the anti-virus

But on a more serious note, What do you mean by bloated???
Are you saying it’s dragging your system down or do you mean CIS with anti-virus (133mbs). That’s about average (some have less, some have more)

I only have a 160gb harddrive. 133mb’s is nothing.

Making it better does not mean that the software should increase three times in size.
Just get rid of the anti-virus will solve your problems. (Besides the anti-virus doesn't slow down your computer) I'm to lazy to do the proper math but, I'm guessing the anti-virus (database is about 88mb's right now)

Let’s compare it to
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky - 64.17MB (Commercial Trial)

That’s 64.17mb’s, but I’m sure your wanting to update the defenitions after you install it right?? If your not gonna be using windows firewall and using a different one then add ** amount of mb’s to the total.

So my question to you is how old is your computer because your complaining 133mb’s is bloated. Whiie my computer only has about 160gb harddrive. The new computers out there have 250 gb’s - ***** gb’s

please beware, there is something suspicious.
Well, please entertain us on this. What information that you have that we "users" should be aware of???

hallo jay,
I mean that when I download the 2.6mb CIS installer, it downloads the rest of the software through net, and it shows Download size will be 133mb. I am comparing this to the previous version of CIS installer which was just around 45mb. So I was suspicious that why did the software(new version) become three times bigger? but then you said the virus database is around 90mb, so it cleared my doubt.
Thank you very much for telling me all this. good wishes for you. see you

Dennis, I selected Proactive. And it is still allowing the default programs to connect to internet without asking. I wanted a fresh start, block/allow alert to choose for every file by myself.
how to do?

Please tell me, How can I remove allowed processes of microsoft? I want to choose which microsoft process to allow to connect to internet, like it did before.

If it were better - I might not mind - but I’ve just spent a day trying to figure out why the scans work only SOME (like 10-15%) of the time and the rest it crashes, freezes or BSOD’s - and apparently this is happening all the time - at least with CIS Free - the older CIS works OK (many false positives but it seems to be working AFAICT).

ok I think,
Comodo is heavily funded by Microsoft, to allow all their spy processes to connect to net. Thats how they can provide us full functional free software.
is it so?

Any corroboration here, or just using too many psycho active substances?

Comodo is a privately owned company. They are not affiliated in any way with Microsoft. They do not have a secret agreement with Microsoft.

Thanks for your post. My roses needed fertilizing. :wink:

who knows, who would tell a secret anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:
Panic good wishes for your roses :slight_smile:

so, why don’t you tell me, how can I remove all the mircosoft running processes and applications from Trusted application list? I want to allow/disallow them by my own.
see you

If you want proper control over what the firewall allows, or not, open the firewall settings

Make sure you haven’t selected create rules for safe applications
Delete all the standard application rules
Set to custom policy mode
Move alert setting to high or very high

Now you should get prompts for anything that wants to connect, you can now decide what to do.

Probably to protect users against themselves? When making wrong decisions one’s system can get interestingly and weirdly crippled…

Don’t what to hijack this thread, but I saw it mentioned earlier.
So… can I ask, why is the installer 2.6MB. Can it not be smaller?

Hallo Das,
The ‘Create Rules for Safe Applications’ , is not selected. Thats why I am suspecting. They might have set it by default so that we wont block the microsoft.

If you do the other things I said you will get alerts for everything that wants to connect.