Why is cmdinstall.exe executed in the background ?

Why is cmdinstall.exe executed in the background ?
Location: C:\Program\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdinstall.exe
version: 5.0.31556.1134
Command Line: “C:\Program\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdinstall.exe” -lang 1033 -check

What does it do ?
What is it for ?
Can i disable it ?

It’s messing with my external hard drives and i don’t like it ! >:(

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Yes It is my first post and I took an inscription for that, telling that Il discovered this process that is launched few time after the auto-starting of Comodo

(thanks to my HIPS)

It is new !

I was not advised (informed) :o
What is it for ? and same questions as post before

It seems it quickly disappeared after that ! 8)

No problem of that kind with CPF 5.10 ;D

After, I don’t know and I prefer not to know :a0


jeromex there is no need to resurrect a topic from 4 years ago