Why is CIS seeing PSI.exe?

i used to have secunia psi installed on a win7 32bit computer and well CIS says the PSI.exe needs to be sandboxed. well ive uninstalled it and when you clean the path link it even says it cant find it.

why in earth if its not even installed why is it asking to sandbox? there are no registry keys or left overs. i even used revo uninstaller to remove it. no go.

any ideas?


I have the same issue with TurboVHelp.exe. No longer installed, but being sandboxed anyhow. This has been reported.

i mean i have removed every trace of it and still wants to be sandboxed i even looked at the startup services and startup item and its not there. this is a bug or what?

look in task manager, I believe there you will find a left over task that was not removed. When windows tries to run a task and call a file that is no existent CIS sandboxes it to protect your computer.

thats the thing. the task isnt even there even when showing all processes by users

Secunia PSI’s default behaviour is to launch every time Windows starts up, which is what Comodo is seeing. Somehow uninstalling it didn’t work correctly. You should install it again and disable its startup launching behaviour; to do this open Secunia PSI, click the Settings tab, then go down to the PSI Settings section and uncheck “Start the Secunia PSI on boot”.

This startup setting is the only thing that makes PSI run automatically so should put an end to your mystery pop-ups. When you’ve made the change, uninstall it again and restart.

the solution already posted somewhere here , all what you have to do is to open Task Scheduler and remove the application’s enteries ,



Meaning that it worked?

If so that bug is not fixed either!!!

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ok then move it to the bug forums so DEVs’ can have a look at it :-TU

Please add bug information as described here.

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