Why is CIS 6.0x so simplified versus previous versions?

First off, I want to report a “bug” … Many people, like myself, who are still using the previous version of Comodo CIS 5.0x have no clue that there’s a new version out. I stumbled across a blurb about how Comodo 2013 was out, but my client didn’t even notify me that there were updates available.

Second off, I like the new simplified interface… and the fact that the security systems are simplified now, with only “Enabled” or “Disabled” instead of 20 different levels of protection.

but I have to ask… where are all the options? I literally have no firewall options, no antivirus whitelisting, no nothing except:

Virtual Kiosk
Task Manager

… There are arrows on the sides, but they don’t do anything.

Am I missing something here? How do I create firewall rules or whatever? I’m always for simplification guys, and Comodo needed it more than any app out there… but this is overboard. There aren’t even basic application options here.

again… am I missing something here?

You can reach these things through the “Tasks” And you can reach that by looking at the top right of the main CIS GUI. After that you can probably find out things for yourself. If not, there is a help section here: Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software |Security v6.3

The new version hasn’t yet been pushed to those using version 5.xx. I think they’re trying to fix some of the bugs which have been reported before pushing it out.

Click the green arrow on the upper right and it will flip the window the the settings side.

Yeah, now I feel kinda dumb.

Seriously though, that needs to be renamed to something like “Options” or “Settings” or I dunno… I figured it was just another link to the Task Manager.

Perhaps they chose “Tasks” since you can also perform tasks as scanning and updating and such, and it’s not only options. =)
Btw, if you right-click things you can chose to add them to the Task Bar, this is the bar at the bottom of the main CIS GUI and the icons there act as shortcuts.