Why is CFP (v. x32) using unnessecerily amount of RAM after bootup?

Hi Comodo

When I boot up my PC the memory used by CFP showed in the task manager is approximately 6-8 MB and it stays at this amount no matter how long I wait. If I double click the trayicon and the GUI is showed this amount stays at 6-8 MB, however when I close the program (minimize to tray) the consumed memory drops to half the above amount (I have even noticed a value below 2 MB!). I thought it could be because the GUI was cached in memory upon boot, but when I double click the trayicon the GUI appears just as fast as the first time. The memory usage stays low until next boot, where I would have to open and close the GUI again to free the apparently wasted RAM.

This appears on a machine running XP home with SP2


Hi spasserfan

I think the reason that you’ve not had an answer on this is because anybodies answer, except Egemen’s (he wrote it), would be a guess.

I guess that it’s something to do with what is private memory, what is sharable & what the Task Manager is showing you. If CFP shares memory with CMDAGENT (good assumption), then that will no longer count as private memory (and disappear off the Task Managers display).

On my system (also XP SP2 w/all UD’s) it says that CPF is using 13 MB of RAM. The program also is not remembering any of my decisions and continues to have amnesia about Firefox after hours of browsing and several reboots. Process Explorer shows:

Working Set 6804K (Jumps to 8+K sporadically with no visible challenges)
WS Private 4096K
WS Shareable 2708K
WS Shared 2344K
WS Peak 12744

Hope this helps. I’m going to have to uninstall as I only have 384 in Ram and a Celeron 366 and between the CAV and the CMF and CPF I can’t get anything done at all…

also you failed the Gibson ping test and there is not obvious button for this …

sorry for too much in one topic but I can’t spend any more time.