Why Is CCleaner Making Browswer Changes?

Every time I start my PC, CIS gives me a pop up saying that CCleaner wants to make changes to my browser. I’ve been hitting allow to not break CCleaner functionality, but am wondering what the changes are, as there’s no explanation given by Comodo. I know CCleaner had a malware problem a couple years ago and would like to get the mastery over CIS. With Windows firewall, you almost never have popups and CIS seems to require more attention and knowledge from the user. Can anyone explain what CCleaner is doing and why CIS is warning me, so I can make a more informed decision?

Anytime any application attempts to open a specific set of files or folders that are part of an installed browser with write access you get that prompt. You either change CCleaner settings or disable the browser setting in CIS.

Thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate place futuretech. Right now the board is like a giant house of mirrors. In CCleaner, I have smart cleaning-enable automatic browser cleaning enabled. It will clean out history, cookies not whitelisted, etc., upon closing the browser. Does that sound like a trigger event? Sorry, I know next to nothing about firewall security and operation at this time, but this old dog would like to learn. I’m trying to figure out if this is a security threat.

Don’t allow CCleaner to start automaticly or use the portable version. Better: delete it with settings in the browser when closing it, and MS explorer (drive C).

Several of the Privacy cleaners - including CCleaner, clean out the cache, temp files and cookies, even when the browser is closed. This will always generate a ‘Browser Change’ warning and is normal behavior

Thanks gentlemen. I’m going to try disabling automatic browser cleaning and see if that makes the warning go away. I guess this would be more of a cautious approach in the event CCleaner goes rogue again as it had in late 2017.