Why is Cavs Scan defaulted to scan max file size of 20mb?.

??? I was having a problem scanning a single file the other day with Cavs, after finding a trojan via Avira, subsequently also found by Superantispyware. I thought, why dont i scan the file in question with Cavs and it would not scan. A forum member HeffeD explained Cavs has the maximum defaulted size for a scan set at 20mb and perhaps it was excluding any files larger than 20mb. Now i had noticed on a full scan that Cavs scanned around 257,000 files and over 350,000 and no trojan when i increased the size to 100mb . had previously picked up 350,000 on Avira and thought nothing of it and now i find due to the defaulted max scan size that i have been scanning around 100,000 files less than i should have?. This is worrying as it means that the av would not pick up on malware in real time as well and then brings a question if the malware was genuine then why didnt Defense+ kick in?. Could the other two be providing Fps?. I am keen to find out what forum members think on this one as i went for the default setting in ignorance of what it could mean and i am sure others would as well, and then Cavs would be working with 1 hand tied behind its back so to speak in that it was not scanning all possible files. If the former is the case then i think that defaulting it to 20mb is a mistake if someone does not know how large individual files are. i imagine we can check within the computer what the largest may be at a given time, but lack of knowledge as to how to find out this info on a users part may potentially be letting malware in. I know we have defense+ and Firewall but it seems like an av flaw to me?.


I thought the 20mb is a little small too. I changed mine to 999mb and so far so good.

I’d like to know why it is set to 20mb also.


i think that’s because malwares most likely have small size,so CIS just skip big size files to expedite the scanning process 88) :-La



I think Comodo did this in an attempt to make those who were complaining about the scanning time happy. Personally I want my AV to take a really good look at everything during a scan, therefore I have set my size to 800. Yeah, the scan takes a while. I use the time to listen to music, call long distant family members, golf, just zoneout, etc. No problem.

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I’ve never seen malware that’s 20mb+ :open_mouth: let alone 999mg :wink:

Instead of allowing the user to adjust scanning file size it would be nice if there was a slider for quick, medium and thorough. Where quick is 20MB, medium is 100MB and thorough is all of the files are scanned no matter the size.


??? ??? Well well, i have conducted some tests by increasing the max file size in Cavs scanner settings to 500mb. Guess what?. Cavs was suddenly able to scan another 150,000 files i did not know were there!!.This is worrying as there is a big potential that malware could be hiding in there i think. Now unless Comodo can come back and say its unnessasary to scan certain files at any time and why, or its because of stateful scanning saving time, then i say its a flaw that needs changing and quick. I am what many would describe as a Comodo fanboy,so this may be the first time i may have stumbled on to something which could be a serious flaw, and made a report of the event. However, i hope i am way off wrong and there is reason that the settings are defaulted to only 20mb but the result of doing that is missed scanning of files.By the way the scanning times have increased from 30 minutes at 257,000 files which i thought was all the files on my computer to 50 minutes and 402,000 files and was using stateful scanning.


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I doubt there is much chance of being infected by malware larger than 20MB. :-\ Most malwares are between 10KB and 10MB (partly because they want people to quickly download and open them).

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I agree, 999 milligrams (.002 lbs.) isn’t very heavy, but if you ran into some malware that was over 999 kilograms (2197.9 lbs.), I would be concerned!

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There is NO maximum file size you can set to what ever you like!
(you can set it to 10000MB it just tells you it can slow down scanning) ;D lol

I have seen some setups for Fake AV’s that are 25MB i know its not the EXE but you i would rather have the installer blocked before it copyed something some where

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