Why is Cache Cleaner running at startup - and then on and on?

Close to a couple of hours ago, I happened to notice that cmdagent.exe was running at 12-16% of cpu, per System Explorer. Checking back occasionally, it remained in that range. There had been a couple of updates and reboots in there, but this didn’t seem right. In searching around, I discovered cache cleaner was running, 14 minutes at the time I looked. I closed it and the cmdagent.exe cpu usage dropped to 0. So, the question is why would this be running on and on - or at all? I didn’t even know Comodo had a cache cleaner (I use CCleaner). Win 8.1 x64, CIS free, database 21494. Thanks,

Update: To avoid getting waylaid, there’s another thread on this subject where the symptoms were more severe and the culprit was mscorsvw.exe (.NET Runtime Optimization). That’s not the problem here; i.e., mscorsvw.exe is not running now and presumably wasn’t last night either, since it runs during Windows Updates and installs that include .NET Runtime Optimization, which isn’t often. However, a good 30 minutes into startup this morning cmdagent.exe is running 12-16% as reported and cache cleaner has been running almost the whole time.

Its not that kinda of cache cleaner (temp files, etc - CCleaner). If you have enabled scan optimizations checked under the Anti-Virus section, the AV will scan files in the background when the computer becomes idle. It will build a cache of files already scanned and found safe so it doesn’t need to inspect them again until the file changes, therefore reducing future scan times.

Thanks for the info, but that section refers to “Cache Builder” not Cache Cleaner.

The Cache has too modes. First building or adding to the cache referred to as ‘embedding’. The second mode cleans the cache, i.e purges old data like deleted files etc.

OK, thanks.