why is BO clean fine for a week then goes green and locks up ?

I have been using BO clean for a while . After first downloading it , it is fine and works well for about a week or more , then for some reason it locks up and the green light stays on , this is only resolved if I take it off ‘auto update’ and update manually.
But this got me to wondering why it does this after a week - surely if it is a problem , why doesn’t it lock up from day 1?
Does anyone have an answer and will the new version eliminate this bug? [ as they say " answers on a postcard please" ]

Well it is very possible it gets hung on a file that you rarely use, and when you use it your BOclean locks up. Or your database gets corrupt. Try uninstalling BOclean, then installing it in safe mode.

Unfortunately I am not very computer literate. I have tried but failed to install in safe mode. I make sure I have administer rights then I go into safe mode pressing F8. I then have options . safe mode, safe mode with networking and safe mode with command prompt. I have tried 1 and 3 , but I cannot find BO clean to be able to downlaod it. I have placed it as a saved file on my desktop , but it doesn’t appear when in safe mode. i am obviously doing something wrong, and I have no idea what.
Treat me as a " numpty " and you will have to provide step by step instructions, that only a fool can follow and I might be able to do it…

Many thanks for quick reply

Hi overfitty :slight_smile:

From what I know about you, I guess you have a “normal” Windows XP installation with one user account with administration rights that you use to install software with ( and maybe some other accounts with restricted rights ). In safe mode just pick the account you would pick in normal mode to install software with.

Greetz, Red.

Red, I had a sneaky suspicion that you would reply! and I have a feeling you will tell me off as I just use my computer in administration mode all the time [ only my wife and I use computer].
Yep , you are correct that I have XP and I do click on administrator as opposed to ‘guest’. I can have access to the start > programmes. but BO clean is not on the desktop when I go to find it. There are some of the other icons , such as AV, Threatfire , but no ‘BO clean set up’ and no ‘recycle bin’ , or ‘microsoft word’ which are normally there. If the new version is due soon , perhaps better that I wait rather than giving you a headache !! and I lose my rag !! [ whichever comes sooner ]

Overfifty I’m oversixtyfive and I’m also pretty computer challenged but maybe I can help as I was having the same problem trying to install BOClean in Safe Mode.
When I bring up the Safe Mode sign in page I have two choices of where to sign in too, either Administrator or my regular sign in name. When I signed in as Administrator I got probably the same things you’re getting because there weren’t any folders listed where I had put the BOClean installer.
Since I didn’t have anything to lose I signed off as Administrator and signed into Safe Mode under my regular users name and viola I had a whole lot more items on my Desktop.
And on my desktop I have a folder I named, “Autorun” where I keep all of the things I have downloaded onto my PC including the BOClean Installer. I opened the folder and went to the subfolder where I had the BOClean Installer and opened it and installed BOClean, so far so good so we’ll see what happens from here.
If this isn’t clear enough let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help if I possibly can. :-TU :slight_smile:

I’m also running Windows XPSP2 fully updated. In addition I have CFP, Comodo MG, AVG 7.5 Pro AV, CounterSpy, WinDef, Lavasoft AdAware, Spybot S&D, SpywareGuard, and a couple of others. Everything not needed on an everyday basis is on demand only and doesn’t run full time.

thanks Yvsa,

I’ve decided to wait until the new version comes out and hope it will have sorted this problem.
As my computer is usable and working fine I don’t want to ‘muck it up’ by trying something that i’m not overly confident in acheiving , I just update manually and after all it’s no big deal perhaps I am being too finicky.


Hi overfifty :slight_smile:

And I had a sneaky suspicion that you would decide like this :wink:

Greetz, Red.

this has started happening on my 2 computers for no apparent reason

just uninstalled and reinstalled Boclean on both computers and within a couple of minutes the icon had turned green and program locked up on both boxes

So far my BOClean has been fine since I installed it in safe mode and I’m hoping that ended my problem with it.


Hi Yvsa,
the problem seems to have fixed itself so I’m guessing the latest update might have done the trick. I’ve been using BC for years and haven’t had this problem before, anyway fingers crossed that’s it.

By the way just for the record I’m halfwaybetweenoverfiftyandoversixtyfive (:TNG)

Well I shouldn’t have said anything because today my BOClean started hogging the CPU again… :cry:


Dont fret! BC is good but its not a nessesity. Please dont stress over it. Instead make sure your other antimalware is up to date and you will be fine. Try a newer version of BC, or try uninstalling it with uruninstaller. It will get rid of anything left behind by the BC installer, ensuring a full removal.

The safe-mode uninstall/install cycle does not do any good on my WinXP-SP2 machine…still hogs 100% CPU. Also, other threads suggest conflict with CMG…I don’t have CMG installed. All the suggested workarounds do not work.

There is clearly a problem with the software code, that only killing BOClean process will restore the CPU back to normal. There is a significant number of other BOClean users that are experincing the same CPU hogging problem. Until the developers of BOClean address this problem in code, this product is of no benefit to me.

I’ll check back on BOClean next Fall…maybe bugs will have been worked out by then.

Well I have used BOclean on two of my machines and never had any problems. Its odd, maybe its the newest build (I stopped using it due because i didnt think it was nessesary for me to use.) Im sure in the next major released these memory leaks will be fixed.

I had the 100% hogging problem too, but since I disabled the auto update BOC has been fine. Until the next release comes out I just update manually with no problems :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick,
I’ll give that a try…I’ve disabled the auto update, and it’s been working for 10 minutes now, OK. I’ve tried other solutions that people have posted and some worked for a while, then failed. So I’ll let you know how I make out after a few days. Maybe others with the same problem will find this useful.

At the risk of telling the previousd poster (Info-Sec) something he already knows…software problems can be machine specific…just because you have a WinXP OS, doesn’t mean that there won’t be conflicts. My wife’s laptop is a WinXP-SP2 machine, and I have had BOClean running on it successfully without the same problems I have on my desktop. Hard to imagine, eh?

Cheers, and thanks again Nick for the advice. I’ll give it a shot!

I actually was having these issues on my Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit) machine, I uninstalled BOClean because I couldn’t figure out the cause. I will re-install and if I still get the issues, I will try the suggestions above.

I think Nick has the workaround for the CPU hogging…disable the auto-update feature.

So far 2 days with the auto-update disabled, and not a single incident of prolonged CPU hogging.

Good luck with uninstall/reinstall in safe mode…think it’s just something to keep you busy…didn’t do any good on my WinXP PC.

Thanks again Nick!