Why is Babylon Ltd in the trusted vendors list?

maybe, but i cant tell on my side because i deleted them from my list if anybody else is reading this please verify that Babylon LTD isnt in the trusted vendors list.

Oh okay. +1 can anyone else please confirm this? (Note: I didn’t delete Babylon Ltd from my TVL)

How does one confirm such a thing without a search function? Not all entries are ordered in a specific way, like 95% of the entries aren’t ordered and I can’t find a way to search it. :-\

Im using CIS 6.x and I havent deleted any of the Trusted Vendors, and from the looks of the list I do not see any Babylon anywhere

It should be in alphabetical order.

Hmm, it was in a big mess, but then when I clicked the top bar it sorted everything into alphabetic order. I guess I should have tried that from the beginning.

Can’t find Babylon in the list of trusted vendors.

Confirmed here, it’s not there anymore :-TU.