Why is Babylon Ltd in the trusted vendors list?

I don’t think this company should be in the trusted vendors list, they make the infamous Babylon toolbar.

that company adds a toolbar which is detected as spyware by other anti viruses, the Babylon toolbar is also almost impossible to fully uninstall and most of the time shows up in others computers from without any check-box or something that lets people agree to its installation.

i agree, they are not trusted vendors.

Please report this in this thread.

Thank you.

It’s kinda worrying, if Babylon can get on the trusted vendors - which everyone knows it’s adware or malware (I’ve had it install, took ages to remove it) can other malware sources also get on Comodo whitelist???

Easy solution here is to delete the trusted vendors list and create your own.

your missing my point

I would never do that. It would be foolish. Just remove Babylon if you wish.

I do get your point entirely and i understand your concern.You need to ask yourself how much trust can you put in the other vendors.
Thats why i say delete the list.

It may be adware but it is not malware. There is a difference.

yes, its the easiest way to delete the list. But it does not solve the problem. the question is, if babylon still provide an spyware toolbar, so why Comodo trust this vendor. Why Comodo says not that if they still provide a spyware toolbar, we will not put this vendor on the trusted vendors list?

is it only adware, then all is ok. adware is no malware for me too. but is it spyware, then it could be harmful.

I just deleted Babylon for the trusted vendor list - but Comodo must remove it, it takes ages to remove the darn thing…

It won’t do much unless you disable the cloud. If ever run Babylon toolbar Comodo won’t alert you about it unless you disable the cloud as it will check it under safe files.

Its good that it doesn’t do much, but still its a problem that it got on Comodo’s list of “trusted” Vendors. :-[

I see your point and I agree. It’s very annoying adware. But once again from the Comodo view it’s not malware so that’s why it’s considered to be safe. Some ppl don’t like Comodo’s TVL at all… You can disable the cloud and trusted vendor list in this case but it will create other issues.

It is not malware for one thing and for another thing, you know you will never use it or allow it to be installed, so what’s the big deal if the company (and many others you will never use products from) is in the Trusted Vendors list? They do no harm whatsoever being there.

Also, not everybody blocks ads on the net. Some people like seeing them and I have to say that sometimes they’re more interesting than the site content. They also make it possible for the free internet to even exist. Having said that, I do employ a tracking list in IE that blocks almost all ads.

I installed incredimail that installed Babylon toolbar, it took ages to shift it from the registry, then it started downloading other stuff - could not stop it! That was using Kaspersky I now have 3yr license for Comodo…

Try AdwCleaner & JRT for removal of babylon toolbar & such.

as far as i’m considered, ad-ware is a type of malware.
it installs ■■■■ on your computer without your agreement, changes important settings such as search engine and homepage on your browser, tracks you, and it is intentionally hard to remove. Babylon is the same, and it can install itself without any antivirus alert since it is (or was, im not sure) in the trusted vendors list.
i agree ads on websites are important for some businesses, but not when they are forced down your throat without you having a say on that. i expect every decent anti-malware software to protect me and others from those kind of threats.

Is it my CIS or Babylon Ltd is not in the TVL anymore?