Why is so small filesize ?

Hi ,

i used .268 before and now i saw new version is .276 . But when i downloaded and compared filesize, .268 is about 30 MB and .276 only 9 MB. What has been deleted from the new version and why ? Is the new version still secure or is it just a test build ?


Same firewall. Optimized safelist.

Any comment from a comodo official please , 20 MB for just a safelist looks a bit strange…

Also, dont understand why you cant autoupdate from version .268 if its only a lame safelist change.

Click on the quote link for further fixes and details.


I did a clean reinstall from 268 to 274 and the file I downloaded was also 9.08MB but when I looked in my Add / Remove programs list under Comodo Firewall Pro it says 30.75MB. There were no remnants of the old version left on my PC from the uninstallation as I followed the Instructions to the letter and also did a search on reboot prior to installing v3.14.274. I don’t know enough about PC’s to explain this but possibly someone could.

Just guessing here…Perhaps a compressed files have been extracted?


hehe files are normaly compressed… ;D

Yes, that’s what I meant too - In Add/Remove, the size refers to installed, ergo uncompressed files. (:AGL)