Why I'm Cutting Up My Credit Card

comodo 30 day guarantee does not work.
you send email to get refund and they do not answer you . if they answer they will just ask what your reasons is for cancellation.
you will write your reason and they will not respond ever. Then you will miss the 30 days deadline and they will answer you . Oh sorry but you have missed the deadline.
What a company.

Indeed, what a company. They create the best, most comprehensive, and most secure security system ever and then - they give it away for free. What a company!

:slight_smile: How clever they are. they have fake customers to flatter the company or lie on behalf of them . Is ubuysa Melih ?

You’d better to be able to back this up. I understand being frustrated but trolling is a step too far.

Is Comodo's hero Melih ?
He's the CEO and visits this forum; not as often as he used to but he still does.

You can PM your details (you order number etc), I will make sure you get a full refund.

Nope, ubuysa is a very long standing and very satisfied Comodo user thank you. Last time I looked in the mirror I was real too - and I don’t much appreciate being called a liar either, you should take care how you speak to people.

Oh, and I’m not alone, there are thousands of very real Comodo users who appreciate what a great company they are!

Melih is taking care of my complaint. Thank you all for your support.

Thank you very much Melih.

Anytime! We are here to serve you.

Ok now I’ve got a chance to speak up too :slight_smile: with my opinion, as a comodo user.

I work in customer service. Most of my work and previous work is based on that. Many times I’ve also got complaints from customers because they didn’t have elementary computer knowledge and they didn’t read the instructions, ignore the warnings etc… Officially though, the customer is always right, even unreasonable customers…

Computers are like cars. You need to learn to operate a car and have a license. Same with computers and software. They are human made. They are not perfect. But in most cases there is a solution to the problem.

Personally i have invested time into understanding how computers work. I’ve failed and tried again and again. I’ve even got to the point when I’ve lost all data because of my experiments. Several times… The same times i was able to get data back myself… All based on previous knowledge. This is just an example.

My point is that every software including comodo can work,
But the user must also know some basics… The types of threats and how they work so he can understand the alerts… How hardware works in order to find the cause of an error, current standard and non standard mitigations against threats and how to apply them, etc.

I’m not saying customers should not be helped, on the contrary. However most of the times they think companies have the magic pill to their problems. And they cannot follow or don’t read the instructions if given. They don’t have the basic knowledge.

It’s impossible for a company to please everyone. That’s a fact. However in every case there is always help available.

I can tell comodo is:
-an open company (the CEO himself gets in touch with customers, i have not seen this in any company that I’ve previously dealth with - thanks Melih :slight_smile: )
-a company that really delivers (with CIS 10, nowhere else you will see the protection features that CIS provides - for FREE !! )
-even if the product is free, support is available here as well, even from the CEO melih - thank you Melih!

The simple fact that you receive FREE support here for a FREE product should make you a bit humble.

And also from experience i see that users here are actually listened to - see comodo 6 with the interface and cis10 with offline installer, just of the top of my head, And surely more - thanks Melih and whole COMODO team :slight_smile:

If you have a problem, try to bring all the facts and collect all the information you can or are requested

For me comodo works, has worked since I’ve first used it - no more malware on my PC - thanks Melih and comodo team -

Again this was my opinion. Yes, we can complain about a product or service, it’s our right… But first let’s make sure we read help first from online, we understand the phenomenon in the first place and if we have a complaint we can back it up with solid evidence.

If we have problems with comodo we should know how to send logs… The team cannot fix problems from thin air.

Yes, there is always room for improvement. However i feel comodo is on the right track and for me personally it has not disappointed. Thank you comodo.

I wish all a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you cocalaur!

We are always here to serve our user and customers, always!

Comodo is so lucky to have such amazing people working for her. It is those people who are able to bring you all the awesome products and fanatical services and support. All for our users and customers!

Very nice video and informative Sir!

Thanks for your Video.
I will try to do that after pay my debits :slight_smile:

I have to say that seeing and hearing on YouTube the person behind the text of Melih on the Comodo forums puts a positive light on the forums themselves and the people behind the words. I may well subscribe to your channel and go thru your videos. Thank you. Greetings from Lockdown 4 New Zealand

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