Why I won't be using or recommending CSC Registry Cleaner

October 8th - just used CSC’s registry cleaner (latest version) for the first time (on Vista SP0) and ended up having to recover my OS using a backup image because Vista was well and truly ■■■■■■■.

Previously I was using Ccleaner to clean the Registry, and Powertools Lite before that. Neither of these ■■■■■■■ my Windows ever - not even when set to deep clean all sections of the Registry. I am going back to using one of them. CRC (or at least the Registry cleaning component of it) is not to be trusted.


We are sorry for the problem you encountered and we understand your frustration.
But we could really use your help and support on this matter as this will help us find and fix the problem.
Please provide us with the following information:

  • Your Operating System (and whether it’s 32bit/64bit);
  • Security Software Installed;
  • How you produced the problem (a more detailed description of the scenario which produced the problem);
  • How you tried to resolve the problem;
  • Screen-shots with the error (if any);
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any;
  • All log files of CSC, if you had logs enabled;
  • Any other Additional Information;

Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you!