Why I use Comodo IS?

Why I use Comodo?
For these reasons:

  • is very good
  • low consumption of resources
  • is free - I have no money to buy an expensive security suite - I work in the state budget system
  • contains everything necessary for a good PC protection (firewall, antivirus, HIPS, Sandboxie, Secure DNS)
  • detection - on a par with the best other avs
  • prevention - excellent
  • cleaning - really I don’t know - never got infected with Comodo AV
  • I don’t need to install other complementary programs.
    Melih thank you for this great PC security software … and a chance to use free.

I agree with you CIS is better than lots of paid product cause they don’t have any protection for “zero-days” without signatures …

I do not know if CIS is so good. Well,for me is sufficient! But … I have a question:
How to check if DNS is operational?
I’m Sorry for bad English.

I wonder this myself, I’ve never seen it block anything yet, Though I haven’t really gone to such a site. It would be nice with a test page to see how it works =/

Even dead COMODO protect :slight_smile:

Norton also died but did not protect :embarassed:

Thank you!

We are always striving to build the best product to protect you for free!


And for that a big THANK YOU :love:

I use CIS obviously for the Superb protection it gives me, but sometimes it can be a really useful program with other problems too ;D

For example: Yesterday I was at school and I knew a teacher was coming to me to see a paper I had to write about a book in word. Because i was watching cycling on Sunday I did not make the paper lol ;D

The solution was simple. I just opened CIS and blocked office.exe with defense +. When the teacher came to my laptop to check my work I was like ‘O yea i made it let me open it for ya’. When i opened a empty .doc (lol) it gave a error message (because defense+ was blocking it hehe) and my teacher was like ‘O that sucks… Well we will just try it later’ hahaha xD

(I did send him the paper today so it’s all good :P)

Thanks Melih and Comodo dev’s <3

Ha ha ha LOL! Class! ;D :-TU


I think Comodo Internet Security making for me only for me.
This program has many advantages. In addition to being the blocked IP address and browser type, it filters out the ICMP and outbound TCP and UDP traffic and also features that if your browser tries to implement a malicious HTML page, the program could detect this page and turn it off.
It is also its advantages is that it can prevent malware program to access the kernel of the operating system. The firewall protects registry keys (key registry) in the case of any process of trying to manipulate security descriptors associated with those registry keys (key registry).
In addition to the properties firewall, the program has detect and stop viruses and the Trojan horses, worms, and the keyloggers Waal, rootkits and other types of malware in times of very fast.
That the software is easy to use and installation on the device. Of increased ease of use is an aesthetic and streamlined design and graphics screens so that all alarms and alerts colorful make it easier for the user to identify them.
User’s Guide is easy and documented all the properties. As for the support Communication with them, allowed 24 hours per day via live chat (Live Chat) free of charge. The Technical Department can support taking permission to enter the user’s computer and fix bugs. In addition free Valhatf and email is also available.
Also, the trust responsible for this program their they say program if there is any malfunction of the device due to virus or any other reason the program could not stop it, the company will be covered by reform of the device or user compensation in the amount of up to $ 500.
Look at this great confidence and challenge


Always feel I am privileged and better with Comodo Internet Security
Thank you


Originaly posted in a discusiion Kaspersky vs Bitdefender .

Re: Kaspersky & Bitdefender
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Ben using Kapersky from the 2007 version to the last 2012.
Just have wenn expired purchased new licence and off you go.
Whats happened in January 2012 was for me a shocker
First a local PC market in London where always have purchased a new box with the CD showed me the bud finger ,because the broke the agrement with Kaspersky and the sell only Norton and Mcafee.
Online the price was doppelt so high and a get realy upset of them.
Will not hunting after if they do not like me .
But the bigest shocker was wenn have unistaled Kaspersky my PC start run like a formel 1 bolid.
The speed and functioanlity was realy uknow for me before.
Dasway a start to test diferent programs .First was Werboot -very light but unresponsible ,next Bitdefender-heavy like Kaspersky . Have tested loooooot of them and have found mister proper Comodo
What a like about Comodo is not only the security system ,there is mutch more .You can complete a full suite and together with Comodo program manager,Comodo system utilitys,Comodo cleaning essential - plus Comodo DNS and Dragon You are as safe as possible.

A verry big plus is the Geek Buddy -have 3 times a conversation and we have resolved problems -most important that the Geek Buddy does not care how mutch time you need - the stay with you as long as you need and the problems are sortet out.
Kaspersky have someting like technical support ,but if you contact them ,no one talk to you ,you have to send to them a file or write about you problems ,then you have to wait and wait some times even 1 month for answer
Just start a full scan with Kaspersky and you need 8-10 hours to wait ,the memory and CPU usage just kill the computer.
Comodo does not still the speed and memory from my PC whats very important and work GREAT.
Thanks for every body you are a great team People and everyting for FREE :-TU

Greetings all!

I just wanna reply to the post by webbie146 here
Sure if you need another quote I can provide it, but I think that was quoted enough already :slight_smile:

Anyway … There were couple of LOLs posted as a responses

I do not accept

, but I can understand that, cauz Seany007 is a blind lover of Comodo Suite & he can express his love as usual to whatever Comodo is developing

At the same time the “LOL” reaction by Melih - CEO of Comodo is really sad

Firstly, the OP described some use of Comodo in order to cheat, which is not a plausible thing in the first place… no LOL’s here according to my taste

Then, do you really have office.exe application on your PCs?

Those who laughing out loud & other who are not - please confirm

webbie146, can you post (screenshot or whatever) of office.exe Properties? and/or VirusTotal link analyzing that file?

Thing is - I never had that particular App using practically all flavours of MS Office: currently 2003 Pro; 2007 Enterprise; and Office 2010 Pro

Just use “Google is your Friend” & find out what office.exe can be… hmmm…

… but then… let’s assume that the office.exe mentioned in that fairy tale by OP is a legit App by MS that I’m not aware of
In this case it’s something similar to soffice.exe that I am using as well – (Open source Office Suite) , which is a host Application for the any “Office” Apps. Right?
You are saying that you blocked that one by mighty Comodo & after all you were able to launch Word.
Mainly, it doesn’t matter that you’ve got an empty <>.doc file being opened – what it means that the security that are you using (“Why I use Comodo IS”) failed big time, because the Child Process of the supposed Parent process you’ve just blocked was fired anyway.
That issue was discussed previously few if not many times already.

So if that is that’s case do you still think that the security you are using is up to shape?

… and for those who are still laughing – please test

That is not a laughing matter … just a simple shame & pity in any case


Im using Comodo, because all other is low then CIS. You dont must be geek to learn how Comodo’s Default Deny System is working, and then you realize that only CIS can protect you better then others.
Thank you for free and ultimate protection! :-TU

I use it because:

  1. it provides the best protection against malware :-TU
  2. it is free product :-TU

Simple as that…

Same for me … and I wanna add that the forums are really great and the community members as well.

Yeah, CIS is great, the Forums are smart and I respect Melih (the rare thing when the boss is respected)!

I think this review I found on YouTube sums up my reason for using COMODO.

It just rocks :rocks:

Part 1

Part 2

I use CIS because it allows me full control of my system. It is extremely light “as there are a few of us out here still running a single core system”, and I have never had an infection with CIS on my system! To me, you do not need any more reasons then this.

I didn’t find any better software than comodo firewall and defense+ to inform myself about what’s going on on my system. the defense+ paranoid mode is interresting to have informations about unknown file and what it’s trying to do on the system.
the cloud is a nice idea also. I don’t use the AV as i do not really like AVs in general, they’re unable to offer a 100% protection against malwares.
With comodo protection set to the highest level of security, it needs a huge work for a coder to create a malware able to defeat comodo defense.
I would never have the idea to use one of my windows machine if comodo is not installed first.