Why I uninstalled Comodo Backup

Melih, I thought you might want to know why I installed Comodo Backup and within 10 minutes uninstalled it.

I installed CB because I am looking for a backup program to replace my NovaBackup program (that’s a long story and the problem is not with the NovaBackup program but with Novastor’s service). My needs are as follows:

  1. shadow copying
  2. ability to backup to a NAS
  3. hourly and daily backups – full not incremental
  4. ease of use because people other than myself, who are less tech-savvy (not that I’m such a great tech-savvy person) than me, can easily set it up and use it
  5. easy restore of individual files
  6. auto addition of date and time to backup file name

Here’s my take on why CB isn’t right for me. Installation was easy except for Comodo Firewall not recognizing the program. As is always a problem with CF, there are interminable windows asking if it is OK to permit an action. I understand, and put up with this with non-Comodo programs, but I do not understand why I should have to put up this with a Comodo program.

So, problem #1: Comodo Firewall doesn’t recognize Comodo Backup automatically.

Because we have files that are being worked on for hours at a time (we are editors), it is important that shadow copying be available. Shadow copying permits backup of currently open files. In an ideal backup program, shadow copying would be a separate option for user-designated files or folders that could be set to run in 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals and saved in a separate destination. The purpose of shadow copying for us is that should we have a crash or a corruption, we don’t lose a lot of work. The sync solution CB offers appears to only work after a file has been saved. It is not clear whether it works on autosave features (such as in MS Word) or whether the save also requires that the file be closed to be synchronized, but it does appear, from what I could discern, that it is not the same as shadow copy and it will not copy an open file. In addition, as I understand how CB sync works, it replaces an existing version with an updated version; what I need are timed versions so that I can go back several versions.

So, problem #2: Comodo Backup doesn’t offer shadow copy.

The third problem is that from the descriptions of the backups, I am given the impression that prior backups are overwritten rather than preserved unless written to a removable disk such as a CD where the problem is solved by using a new CD. I may be wrong in this, but that is how it reads to me. I need hourly and daily backups that are cumulative, i.e., they include in their name the date and time and do not overwrite a previous backup. For example, the hourly backups need to accumulate in this manner with auto addition of date and time to a standard name:

Work in Progress - Hourly (Jul 29 2007 9.05AM).nb7
Work in Progress - Hourly (Jul 29 2007 10.05AM).nb7
Work in Progress - Hourly (Jul 29 2007 11.05AM).nb7

so if something happens and I need to restore a file I can first go to the newest backup and work my way backwards until I get the version I need.

So, problem #3: Backups appear to overwrite/replace rather than be cumulative.

The last problem (there might be others but I got no further because of these problems) that induced my uninstall is ease of use. And even that is really a single prtoblem: the difficulty in selecting files and folders to backup. The difficulty is one of time and patience. If I want to backup 10 sub-sub-subfolders, each of which is in a separate parent folder, I have to browse to them one at a time. Add to this numerous individual files, and you are asking for a commitment of time. And if I need to set up more than 1 backup (e.g., an hourly backup of select files and folders and a more inclusive daily backup), the process needs to be repeated. A better method would be to display an Explorer-like window with boxes that can be checked next to each folder and file. It would be easier and quicker.

So, problem #4: File and folder selection is too cumbersome a process.

Although these may appear to be relatively minor problems, they are major hurdles for use in my business, especially shadow copy, cumulative backups, and the Explorer-like interface.

I am looking forward to future versions of CB in hopes that eventually CB will meet my needs.

Rich Adin