Why I stopped using Comodo version 6 [merged topic]

I decided to uninstall Comodo version 6 for the reasons listed below. Some folks will probably agree with me and some folks will probably flame me. That’s okay. I just want to share my dissatisfaction with the software.

My laptop is an ASUS K52F-BBR9 (2.40 gigahertz Intel Core i3 M 370, 4GB memory) running Windows 7 64 bit Home Edition.

In my opinion, software should be, where practical, configurable to meet the user’s needs. This means at the very least that user interfaces should be configurable depending on the technical capability of the user, error and other messages should be understandable by the vast majority of users, etc. I should not have to change my behavior to meet the software’s operation. And this is where I part company with Comodo version 6.

Let me state that I was quite happy with Comodo version 5. This version was quite unobtrusive and easy to use for both my wife (who has no technical background) and I (who does have a technical background). When either informational messages or messages that required our attention popped up, both of us could understand the meaning behind the message.

Not so with version 6.

While my wife was using the laptop, she hollered to me that something was wrong. There was a pop-up from Comodo that had absolutely no meaning to her. And the help message that she clicked on also made no sense to her. How can this type of software be used by the majority of users who have little or no technical background when messages from the software are not understandable by users?

I have home-grown backup (to external hard drives) software written in VBS. When I launched my software, I had to contend with 27 (!!!) pop-up messages from Comodo. (For example, Comodo trapped my software when it wanted to execute Cscript.exe.) Some of these pop-ups made sense, but the majority were duplicates of previous pop-ups. With each pop-up, I made sure that I checked the box at the bottom of the pop-up telling Comodo to remember my answer. The next day, I ran my software again. And again had to contend with the same 27 pop-ups. This type of behavior is unacceptable for me.

I was able to run some quantitative experiments comparing memory usage when using Comodo as compared to using Windows firewall. Comodo caused approximately 300MB additional memory to be consumed. Don’t know why and did not take the time to determine the cause. For me, this is unacceptable. Now you might say that Comodo has a lot more functionality than Windows firewall. But 300MB more?

I also ran some qualitative experiments on the speed of my laptop when running Comodo versus running Windows firewall. I tried running several applications with both firewalls. While I have no numbers to share, I was able to clearly see that the laptop was slower with Comodo.

So overall, I am unhappy with Comodo version 6 and feel that it is not software that I want to use.

Thanks for listening.

I agree. A lot of people don’t like CIS 6. Here is a link if you would like to downgrade to CIS 5.10.

The difference between CIS 6 and the earlier versions is that if you leave V6 in it’s default state you will rarely see an alert of any kind but will still be strongly protected. Contrary to your view it is much more suitable for non techie users than any prior version if you leave it at default for them. You don’t get annoying and needless HIPS alerts for safe applications and you don’t even get firewall prompts for known safe applications. You don’t even get a clutter of Firewall rules for safe things. I have been using it for a while now and I still have no Firewall rules other that what came by default. I consider that a good thing.

I too have another user here who’s knowledge of computers is very low and her interest in learning or dealing with details is even lower. I installed v6 for her and set it for the fewest popups possible and she is able to do all her browsing, online gaming, email, and Facebook activity with no problems or interaction required. This would never have been possible with any prior version of CIS. She now has the strongest level of protection she has ever had and with no more (and in some cases even less) interaction required from her. Up to now she has had only an AV, first Norton, then MSE, and then Avast, coupled with the default state of the Vista Firewall. I know with no trepidation that she is much better protected now than ever before and she would have found any prior version of CIS unacceptable and would have demanded it’s removal.

In my opinion, there is no need to change any of the default settings of v6 to receive a very high level of security. I myself have only changed a few things. I have increased the sandboxing level of the Behavior Blocker to fully virtualized, turned off the auto-quarantining if the AV component and enabled the alerts, and enabled a few things in the Firewall while leaving it in Safe mode with no rules created for safe applications and the overall suite in the default Internet Security configuration with HIPS disabled. I don’t consider even the few changes I made to be absolutely necessary though. CIS6 is the first version to be suitable for the masses and therefore “ready for prime time”.

I had abandoned Comodo a couple if years ago due to no longer being willing to deal with needless alerts for safe actions by safe applications and I would have never returned if not for the greatly improved version 6.

Thanks Dch48 you reassured me and it seems that leaving CIS 6 in its default state would allow me to surf in your Virtual sandbox without any extension problems? I especially enjoy extensions like WOT or Google Safebrowsing although not 100% always!!! :smiley:

I’m not sure about those extensions since I don’t use any like that. I think it makes a difference whether you are using the browser in the Virtual Kiosk or just running it sandboxed. I do know that no Chrome/Dragon extensions will load in the Kiosk unless you exclude the browser data folder from being virtualized. I haven’t checked whether IE extensions work or not. I can’t say anything about Firefox since I don’t use it.

I don’t normally sandbox my browser at all and only use the Kiosk for shopping and banking.

all my extensions works well in sandboxed IceDragon.

i tested with firefox, chrome and opera extensions too and it worked well.

Happy to hear that! I guess by “sandboxed” you mean the CIS sandbox???

Yes, so why not using the CIS sandbox?

All my extensions in all “Foxes” (FF, Pale Moon, CyberFox, WaterFox, CID) works fine in CIS sandbox even in “Partially Limited” mode.

I am happy to hear that. It greatly reassures me!!! :smiley: Another great question, if I leave CIS 6 to default, HIPS is disabled, then Comodo FW would not pass the leak tests. Am I wrong???

Here’s my advice on how to configure version 6.0:
How to Install Comodo Firewall

Thanks a lot Chiron, that was what I needed to get to embark to CIS 6 internet suite train wagon. Very instructive!!! I’m going to bookmark it! :smiley:

That’s fine until it starts blocking bunches of your stuff at the worst possible time.

I dragged a certain folder in my C: drive to the AV exclusions, and it worked. Then last night, I forgot to turn off my computer, and the default scheduled scan blocked the same 200 files I had backed up on my D drive. I thought my fingers were going to fall off going through them and excluding them all.

I’ve used all the major AV programs, and this one is one of the hardest to use. It makes me want to check the “Geek Buddy” box and let someone else do it. Wait, I see what Comodo did there… ;D

Kidding aside, this program is fine if you are a generic person using generic programs on a generic computer. Just let Comodo do what it does. Unfortunately, I’m a power user, and have a lot of files, scripts, and unusual software stored away. I need my AV to be flexible, easy to configure, easy to exclude files and folders. I was tutoring an old lady the other day, showing her folder structure. Comodo started popping up and I had to turn it off to shut it up. I didn’t want to confuse her by going through a bunch of menus to simply exclude a few folders.

Well, I currently do not have anything added to my exclusions except the default things and haven’t needed to have any except the odd utility I tried that was untrusted. After deleting those things , I also purged the now irrelevant rules and exclusions.

What do you mean by the default scheduled scan? I don’t even have the options to do scheduled scans in any of the settings. Not that I would use them but they simply are not there.

Did you get the duplicates when running the latest version (2708)? I had duplicate popups with the previous version when running Proactive Security configuration with D+ enabled.

hello dont know if i should have just created a different thread

having the 300mb cavwp without any task running


iscratch that the cache builder just run :-[


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I have switched back to v5 as well, keeps blocking my games and I try to set them to exceptions and yet I have to do this every time I load one of my games up!

Not liking V6 at all! took it off my other 6 pc/laptops as well all back to v5!

Hating the new UI - will stay v5 till not supported and then switch to something else I guess! Love Comodo vs any other but the new UI ill stop me from using it!

What games are you playing? I’m a pretty avid gamer with World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, RAGE, Skyrim, DiRT3, Need For Speed HP (the newest one and the original modded for Win 7 and using a Glide wrapper), all installed and working with far less hassles and setup problems in V6 than in any previous version of CIS.

Its blocking 9Dragons every single time i go to play it, NFSW, NSFMW (1st version old Skool), ArmaII and from time to time CoDMWF3!

So I got sick of trying to figure out how to get to the old settings whr I can just see whats being blocked and unblock it! The AV side of C6 is deleting my exe file for 9Dragons every time my turn on my PC! Which then causes me to reinstall the game, cuz whn I try t go to Quarantine its thr, but I restore it and game still wont run unless I reinstall and uninstall C6!

Its picking it up as Malware every time I do anything. I have set it to exceptions,purged it, done everything I would have done on C5 but you I cant run these games unless C6 is not installed at all!

So I gave up and just switched back - less of a headache for me!

So just to not aggravate myself even more - I switched all pc’s/laptops in my home back to C5! UI is so much easier to navigate to me thn C6, - Really like just seeing Defense right up front and seeing what was blocked or w/e and then just adding it from thr to trusted files! Then to try and navigate this new UI and still fail at setting them to trusted!

I love Comodo, and hate that I am on c%, anything new is great, but whn I get to the point of its more of hassle then anything, then yeah time for it to go!

And anytime (Dragons updates - boom - reinstall cuz my exe is block and only way I have found to avoid this is - Either completely disabling C6 or uninstalling it - just to update the game!

C5 I never had this issue!

In the settings, untick “Do not show antivirus alerts” This will stop CIS 6 from automatically moving the exe to quarantine and lets you decide.

Unrecognized files are found under “File Rating” in the settings, from here you can add unrecognized files to trusted files. This is also found in the widget by enabling “Show Status Pane”