Why I preffer to use Comodo backup V.1

I’m finidng Comodo Backup V1 as a better version for my needs when installed on a computer accessed via VNC, Since the Comodo main window is not shown in the VNC console screen (I CAN see it on the remote computer physical screen, But not via the VNC console).I also had this problem with on a different compter with some menu provided by an intel G41M video driver which it’s advanced options requires MS frame network 3.
Other problems I experienced :
Email notification is not implemented well into V.1 (Gmail SMTP SSL), And STILL not yet even in V.2.2.127000.2
FTP backup can’t work in sychronized mode in V.2
V.2 doesn’t find network files needed to be backed up on some of my mapped network drives


The VNC issue and the Email notification issue will be fixed in the next release.
We need more details for the FTP sync issue.
Is User Acount Control enabled?
What windows version do you have?
Does files & directories backup on that FTP works?


  1. I use winxp SP3, So no UAC here
  2. See answer #1
  3. Files and directories backup works when the source is local. I had same issue with cobain backup when it ran as service. When I installed it in application mode, It allowed to backup from the network source as well.

Thank you, And looking forward for the next improved version.