Why I keep coming back to Comodo time after time

Hey Jake I’m old enough to be Grandpa, but not one. CIS will most likely become more user friendly over time, but with all the technology that is involved with CIS it is still very user friendly for a complete security package. Compared to mix and match setups i find it easier as a complete suite.
To Valentin CIS 5 was worth the wait. Kind regards .

Right about that :slight_smile:

okey I get it. :slight_smile:

Valentin N

well then i’m young enough to be your grandchild :stuck_out_tongue:
You take care :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jake. Be safe and have fun.

Still not recommended for average users i.e You cannot run CIS without knowing few things about it. Ex- Norton can be installed without knowing anything about it. I know Norton is not as secure as CIS but is also not that bad. But yes CIS is free & Norton paid.

Things in CIS I dont find suitable for average users & have mentioned many times in the forums here & whshlists .

On AV alert, default visible Clean is not good. Default visible Quarantine should also be there.

Whitelisted apps in the cloud still gets sandboxed & gives pop & when you try online lookup they are termed safe.

Unlimited Rights Popup suggesting to sandbox the unsigned apps is not good coz many times when an app is uninstalled & the average user gets the popup suggesting sandbox the uninstall gets corrupted i.e leftovers in the startup, files & the apps still working even after restarti ng the system.

No way to disable the Heuristics which gives lots of FP’s. Even after disabling the Heur the cloud AV gives Heur FP’s & if this cloud AV is disabled i.e scan unrecognized files in the cloud then the popups will increase.

No way to quarantine the threats on Cloud AV Alert when CAV is not installed i.e when Firewall Only & D+ is installed.


Hey Eric , couldn’t agree more …

Although we’re still using CIS ver. 4.0.13, it’s soon time to upgrade … How’s ver. 5 behaving with XP SP3 ? … and updating?

CIS 5 is said to be lighter than CIS 4. The best way it to try it. I recommend you not to upgrade from v.4 to v.5.

I recommend you to unistall CIS 4, clean the remains of CIS 4 with a registry cleaner and install CIS 5. Please wait for better answer if my answer is insufficient.

Valentin N

they are working at slowly removing the couple of pop ups left in CIS, and soon you will have a default deny security setup with the power to stop basically everything and no user interaction needed.

Sounds promising :slight_smile: