Why I keep coming back to Comodo time after time

I’m so disgusted by the other “free” security suites like online armor free, outpost security suite free, Forticlient, and all the other so-called HIPS that have watered down protection. Their products leave you vulnerable, practically extorting you to buy their paid version. :smiley:

I’ve just tried them for the past few days and found them ridiculously overly complicated to use and obtrusive to the point where I wanted to rip my hair out.

Comodo remains one of the most user friendly suites available. I don’t care what ANYBODY says. What other program has auto sandbox technology??? None. What else has defense +, or image execution?? nothing.

I regret wasting my time by straying so far away from the proven detection of Comodo only to feel letdown. Comodo forever. :-TU

Yep, agree… one reason why I keep coming back hahahahahaha.


Don’t feel bad. I am an adventurer myself and what you could have similar to Comodo is:
MSE + Spyware Terminator with HIPS enabled + Sandboxie + Private Firewall with application monitoring disabled…
But Comodo is way lighter than the setup above. Hell, I use Comodo on my work PC that has 448MB of RAM on XP 32bit and slow HDD and not notice any slowdown at all from clean pc to comodo installed.
So yeah, all-in-one comodo solution rocks! :-TU


I have to correct you…OA Free is not suite but firewall.

It has excellent HIPS. I made a test posted at Bug forum and it blocked all malware that I threw at it.
It only left few dropped files (empty folders and harmless registry keys) but so did Comodos sandbox.


Sorry for OT, guys. ;D

I couldn’t stand those ugly humongous popups. There is such a thing as too much information.

I agree and that was my only complaint about it.
They should reduce its size (description) and change the color of pop-up according to the severity of action.
But when it comes to protection it is very strong (not impenetrable, of course).

I totally agree :-TU Outpost security suite free version is poor at best and will not protect you whilst on line but hey it has a spam filter :-TD who cares? their free firewall is good but you cannot break connections in this free version, the HIPS is restricted and their virus program is bobbins (Northern England term for rubbish)
Online armor free is firewall and HIPS protection and is good but overall it doesn’t give you that feeling of being fully protected because of a lack of virus protection and is not classed as a suite anyway.
Forticlient is awful but their web scanner (filter) is quite good but it’s the only thing on their suite that actually works.Comodo on the other hand gives you that feeling that all areas are covered and makes you feel confident on surfing the internet without using sandboxie.
There is only one free internet security suite that delivers and protects and that is Comodo Internet Security suite.

At work I’m with CIS hands down.
At home I like to experiment. Outpost free is a joke indeed but OA free is very good IMO.
For a week or so I’m with Privatefirewall. Nice surprise I must say. :-TU
Anyway when DACS will be implemented in CIS I’ll be back. CIS is like a drug for me, I can leave it for a while but I’ll always come back. ;D

+1 - Privatewall is light and blocks well.

My old computer had 384mb ram XP and I tried quite a number of Security software on it, and decided CIS had the least impact on the system (no noticable impact) and since running CIS I have never had a problem.
CIS was the first thing I installed on my current system besides the OS and I think it will be there until the system dies unless something extraordinary happens. I’m not coming back to Comodo anymore I’m just not leaving either. Kind regards.

I find it very hard to walk away from Comodo because of this great firewall and believe me I’ve tried every firewall product on market free and paid version, and believe me when I say I can’t walk away from comodo because I keep on coming back.

Comodo you little bastard ;D let me kiss you 88) and have a great Christmas :-TU

It is amazing how much protection you get for free with Comodo. It’s hard to beat… :■■■■ (:KWL)

yup more just keeps coming :slight_smile:

whatever one might read into my posts, i fully agree about the positive facts of comodo. firewall and defense+ are top! and the whole suite is able to give very good protection, while beeing userfriendly to many kinds of people.

this was the only security forum where i used to take part. because this program was worth it to speak about, and it is worth to help people using it like it was meant.

its just sad that arguments are often “read as confrontation”. not everyone who says “but wait, look”, is trying to speak bad about what comodo does, even if you are used to it. thats not my fault!
if everyone only says “its good good good!!!”…
there would be no progress. we would still think that antivirus is the only solution in the world.
why stop now saying sometimes “but wait, look”?

It’s very interesting read a lot of people with the same sense of leaving and come back after time.

CIS is very new product and it’s maturity cames with the latest version 5. From now this behavior will be less intense and Comodo will catch more “loyalty” users. I’m one user who leaves Comodo time after time but from now I’ll stay.


some Comodo users like to ride the fence :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a ZoneAlarm user for years, I also used various antivirus programs. Now I use Comodo Internet Security Premium 5. I love it. I wish I had switched to Comodo a long time ago. :slight_smile:

Comodo being relatively new compared to some other Companies made people a bit sceptical at first, but believe me it is as good or better than the more mature products. Unlike me Comodo (Cis) is very mature for its age. Great support, even greater product. Kind regards.

I have tried all there is for free but nothing is like CIS. The latest version is as user-friendly as it can get; people have to explore and learn a bit. Once you get along with CIS, it will be 99,9% secure thanks to sophisticated and complex technology.

I couldn’t use CIS 4.1 for some reason but I wanted wait until the new CIS would come out. After I installed CIS 5 man I got happy that I had CIS on my pc.

Valentin N

Incorrect; They are still working on making CIS user-friendly I mean grandma/grandpa-friendly