why i dont use your firewall/software...

im tracking your software activity for very begining
im happy you gave people freeware firewall, its safe, it has v.good support, updates etc.
when someone ask me for free firewall software i send him to your website

but i still not using your software…

well im get used to command line interface or if i must to simple win api interface…
without this all SH*** pics!!!

a long time ago i was using “tiny personal firewall” - i just love his simply, easy to understand etc. interface
this program was great! pity… its not free now

im asking you (who make comodo firewall/comodo software) could you just bring silmple win api interface as an option to your firewall/software?!!? with simply not hanging buttons etc.
also was be great if all manageble things (which i can do in GUI) could be accessible by command line interface…

i can understand what you are comming from, but comodo havs a nice simple and clean/organized UI
comodo is the best



  1. ^spammer^

My question is, how many people other than you would use this? It doesn’t seem worth the effort for the handful of people who would choose to learn the command line over the gui

I have my self installed CIS on at least couple thousand machines that i have repaired, only 40 or 50 people had problems with minor errors/bugs that was fixed on the next release.

Comodo is working on making the GUI for both “Average” Joes & Advance Users Like Me or Other Techies.

- Jacob Kilgore
C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator