why i didn't install cis AV

just a little test to see how cav is slowing down the pc : open the “add/remove program” section in the config.panel. and check out how long it takes to display the list of programs and their icons… now try the same disabling cav… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be glad to see that reviews of CAV (not CIS) and avast (not AIS).

avast had its bad phase and could have others in the future. False positives are always a possibility: you want to pull detection so they come…

I really dislike this situation: do not admit, do not acknowledge, let the user in the dark and lack of support. Nobody wants that, it just occur and for us, users, it’s time to complain.

Here you are
(for the translation page, you may just read the last table which listed the results of on-demand scan test and I made the translation below)
Program, scan-time, no. of virus detected, max cpu usage, ram usage
Avast 5, 2’46", 9715, 30%, 11M
Comodo, 4’02", 9142, 75%, 25M

Although they were using 4.8 version at that time and, like all the others, improved since then.

10 August - 05 September 2009
But avast did not make it well with that set of samples.
avast is almost the same as Comodo here.

On MRG there is more difference but both have room to improvement.

So at that time, Avast! detected more, was faster, and had less CPU and RAM usage. Not too shabby.

Well, indeed, the distance between both was not that much.
I’m glad that CAV is better and better.

Distance may not be that much for detection rate. However, for functionality, no. of FPs, resource usages, program quality, CAV still has long way to go…

Present (July 04 2010 12.50 AM), these were the most recent topics in Avast! forum:

Bug Report 5.0.594
UI Fix under LUA (XP)
Resident Protection disabled
Script Shield Won’t Work
Avast 5 WebShield slowing down your web surfing?
unable to boot with Pro version installed in XP
i still can not updat eavast 5 though proxy
Sandbox BSOD
A Batch File To Launch The Free Version 's Thorough Scan
avast & vpn
Can’t do a BOOT TIME scan
Cannot get Outlook 2007 (using gmail account) to work with Avast suite
Non-english named files in zip archive cannot be deleted
avast won’t run with Win XP Pro SP3

Guess that even Avast! has ha long way to go…

Have you tried both software yourself for a period of time?

It’s no point by picking out bug reports from a user forum as you could find these in any software user forum. Comodo Firewall also has a list of bug reports, would you say it is a inferior product?

I agree and I do not believe that larsson hasn’t even tried the Avast free version, and maybe just maybe larsson is just collecting the bugs reports from the Avast forum.

Also I’m getting a laptop computer and I’m going to install the complete Comodo Internet Security Premium everything with CAV, that way I can do some research while comparing CAV and Avast further more I will leave the complete Comodo Internet Security Premium for a year on my new laptop while I have Avast on my desktop computer.

+1 88) read any user forum and you’ll think any program is a buggy tool…

Yes I´ve tried Avast! for many years. I have nothing against Avast! Just pointing out that ALL AV´s have their pros and cons. Even Avast!

I do know every AV has its pros and cons by reading reviews and personal trials. Listing out those forum bug reports just don’t provide much valuable information. :slight_smile:

By the way, I don’t see any bad side trying out other AVs with acceptable detection rate. If one find an AV work no good in their PC, just try another one.


Neither do I and after years of trying different top brand name AV’s I found that Comodo Firewall Pro and Proactive Defense+ along with running my browser in Sandboxie offered complete protection with no detections of Malware on my Win Vista 32 bit computer for over a year now. Not running a resource consuming AV has also allowed me to reduce the RAM usage of Vista from the nominal 1 GB - 1.5 GB that it had to considerably less than 500 MB…


How did you get it to show so much memory as being free? When I open task manager on the Vista machine here it shows the amount of memory actually being used and all or almost all of the rest being cached. It never shows more than 20 megs of the installed 2 gigs as being free. I was told that Vista will cache as many elements of the OS and related things as it can in available memory but will release that memory as needed to accomodate the loading of other applications. Thus it will never show much as being free no matter how many things you do or don’t have currently loaded. From what I have read, this is the normal operation of Vista.

When I first got my computer over 2 years ago Vista’s Superfetch would cache all but a few MB of RAM as you described it is supposed to, but those were the days when I had all of the default services and features running and it would consume up to 2.3 GB of the available 3 GB of RAM just with a few tabs open in the browser. This was fodder for my friends who ran XP at the time and they chided me that Vista was a memory hog so I found a very simple but highly effective 197 KB Memory Tool that reclaims the persistent memory leak in Vista which has recovered as much as 450 MB of RAM in just one use and ever since the amounts of free RAM have increased as the total amount of memory used decreases and is now only 38.5% of what it originally was due in part to the very small memory footprint of the Comodo Firewall Pro and Proactive Defense+.

I had nearly forgotten how prolifically Vista consumes RAM in its untweaked state until a friend of professional photographer Art Wolfe who does custom profiling dropped by to profile the new Canon iPF5100 16 bit per channel printer and he was using a Vista laptop to transfer the profiles to Photoshop on the Mac Pro. He had the same RAM gauge in the Desktop Sidebar as I used to before I disabled it and I watched as his Vista laptop consumed an additional 300 MB of RAM over 2 hours before he even began using it and I was reminded of how different things are since I disabled over 50 of the 137 services in Vista!


could you tell me what that tool is called or how to do that

interesting link : http://www.raymond.cc/antivirus/

it confirms my opinion. ;D

It has now been proven that Avast! uses less memory than Comodo and is also faster. On memory usage, Avast! is extremely light and also has less of an impact on system performance. The real dog (slug) in the free AV field ,surprisingly to me, is MSE.