Why I can't and will not help anymore

I have used Comodo products and recommended CIS to many people, but I can’t do that anymore. In fact I have specifically adviced against CIS over the last few months. This is why:

I live in Norway and the localized XP version installs advanced text services by default to enable the keyboards with æ, ø and å. The msctf.dll hammering bug happens with all new installs of CIS and it’s a very old bug.This bug is a showstopper that makes the windows GUI extremly slow and affects all versions of XP that has advanced text services enabled by default.

The strangest thing is that since the last update this bug is even worse. While it was possible to just disable advanced text services, that no longer solves the problem.

Is Comodo deliberately trying to ■■■■ off non-english users? It certainly seems so.

Sorry you are having so many problems.

Happened across this post, which may or may not help your problem:

I am not a CIS expert, so forgive me if you know about it already…

Best wishes


Don’t quit, just post this on the Bug Section and wait to be fixed, is just like with any other peace of software out there, no need to freak out.

It has been reported: