Why Hotspot Shield and ProXPN still show True IP Address

Hello, I had someone post a comment to one of my articles. The comment can be found here. They say they can still see their true IP address even with hotspot shield turned on or with proxpn turned on. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I just tried ip lookup with Hotspotshield on and then off (cookies deleted). It definitely changed my ip and location, so I don’t know what they are doing wrong.

It works for me as well, but I think there must be something particular to their computer (ie: something disabled that needs to be enabled, cookies displaying information anyway, etc…)

If they are using CIS I wonder if it is creating a new network zone each time. If I use it a lot I have to turn the private network detection off or have a lot of deletions to do.

I’ve had similar problem and it turned out it’s the problem with the TUN/TAP driver proXPN and Hotspot Shield use. I switched to SecurityKISS and the problem disappeared. Apparently they use a different version.