Why has Services.exe changed default policy from v. 3.5 to v. 3.8?

CIS 3.5.54375.427

Treat(ed) as… Windows System Application

CIS 3.8.64739.471

Treat(ed) as … Custom Policy

Why this change? (V)

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I’m wondering what the custom rules are for it. I switched right back to my exported configuration after my reinstall.

This is what the latest CIS default for services.exe is: (see attached)

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I wonder why they denied services.exe registry access and file execution now…

Also Windows System Application is “ask” at Run executable, so the only difference is at Registry Access… so I’m wondering too if this is an unwanted error or not (V)

By the way… it seems to me that the Access Rights both for Windows System Applications and for Trusted Application are the same

Run executable if you look in Modify you will see it really means allow any.

So now the Policy for Services.exe is “custom”
Since I have to recreate it I want to be sure that all the “modify” buttons for the custom policy for “Services.exe” have nothing inside
Can you confirm it? :wink:

I would also like to know this. :slight_smile:

Here are my default settings Proactive security, D+ is clean PC mode, firewall is custom. Hope this is what you want.


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I understand that they depend on the particular PC since I see that you have references to “SwissArmy” and I have others, so thanks anyway (:WAV)