Why has cfp.exe been taking 100% system resources for 2 hours now?

This is quite annoying since 2 hours is way too long for an update. I can’t play games because it’s obviously doing something very resource hogging. I’m only using Comodo Firewall and have everything else disabled. What on earth is cfp.exe doing?

I am running Windows Vista x64 and my computer has a AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor overclocked to 3.7GHz.

Edit: Also, the tray icon in un-clickable but still shows the bandwidth animation. (either right or left click)

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and end-tasked cfp.exe, then restarted it. Problem gone. But still, this is a bug worth noting.

Until further notice of reproduction of the error I am going to move it to the help boards.


It’s not taking 2hrs but like every 20 or 30 minutes, it’s going up to the upper 90’s to 100% of the CPU. I’m on a dial-up connection so it just keeps freezing my computer when it does that. I tried disabling the auto-updates but it don’t seem to help. It just started like 4 hrs from the time that I wrote this post. I restarted 2 times due to it taking so long. Is this just a bug or what?


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